The ongoing drama of the Privilege nightclub sanctions and politics took another twist yesterday when the club received an 11th hour reprieve.

Privilege can open its doors, but large parts of the club must stay shut.

The club owners are warned that they must comply with new noise abatement regulations in the part of the club allowed to open.

To find out more about the background, read these two articles.

It is understood that Privilege has taken steps to remove fire exit obsticles, and they are therefore allowed to open the main club area.

However, the Diario de Ibiza reported a long list of restrictions, including these areas which must remain closed:-

  • The ‘warehouse’ 293 square metres
  • The dressing room 119 square metres
  • The lifting platform.
  • The upper floor ‘Crazy Coco’ Room
  • The upper floor pyramid room (we assume Vista)
  • The ‘warehouse 2’ 69 square metres
  • The ‘exhibition hall’
  • The balcony attached to the Safari Bar
  • The uncovered terraces of the Pagoda area

The statement by San Antonio town hall went on to say that although the party room can open, it is already overdue in its obligation to comply with new acoustic sound monitoring and limiting regulations, and that the owners of the club must take immediate steps to do so.

We confidently predict that you haven’t heard the last of this one yet.