Back in April 2019 we reported on ambitious plans to establish Ibiza cycle lanes traversing the Island.

Ibiza Consell have now confirmed that the winning tenders for the work have been accepted and confirmed.

There are no details on timescale as yet, and the Consell state that the exact routes shown on plans should be considered indicative, subject to alteration as the needs and practicality of implementing the routes progresses. 

However they have confirmed the core aims of the scheme will be fulfilled – the linking Ibiza’s three largest centres of population with dedicated cycle routes.

The scheme includes cycle lanes from San Antonio in the West across the island to Ibiza Town in the East. Ibiza Town would then be connected to Santa Eulalia.  

The proposals also extend to include several urban cycle routes, offering residents a cycle lane from the suburbs into the main town centres and facilities.

The specific routes and construction of the lanes will first be subject to planning, taking consideration of available infrastructure, environmental impact, cost factors etc.

The Consell said that it “will continue expanding the network of cycling tracks on the island as one of its core areas in mobility policy, given the undoubted benefits that the use of bicycles affords in terms of sustainability, fight climate change, and improving the physical condition and health of the population, and greater fluidity of traffic”.

The full plans can be seen, sort of, in the pdf here