Palapa, It’s A Street Thing …

Palapa Street Food

  • Rhian Gibbs

Palapa is a new name on the San Antonio Marina front for 2016. It’s all about street food, incredible taste with the equally incredible waterfront street life playing out its cabaret in front of you.

In the typical street food style, you can order the tacos in a portion of 3, or just 1 taco on its own – this is a fantastic way to try all the different combinations available.


  • Cocktails

While waiting for our food to arrive we tried the highly recommended Frosty Mexican Bulldog, the menus description ‘a frozen margarita topped with a bottle of Corona’. It certainly was a surprise when it arrived at our table. A pint glass with a margarita inside, and an upturned bottle of beer neck buried in the cocktail.

The advice is to drink it through the straw, with the bottle still in place – which seemed a bit of a challenge! As far as the drink itself goes, it is very refreshing, think a shandy slush puppy with a bit of a kick. One of those drinks that would undoubtedly creep up on you unawares after two or three—we like that.

Also on the cocktail menu is Michelada, which is a Mexican Bloody Mary made with beer – great with breakfast/brunch, or as a way to start your evening.

Onto the food, you will find burgers and pizzas on the menu, but the reason to eat here is Mexican food with Nachos, Quesadillas and Tacos being the stars of the show.


  • Spicy shredded chicken taco.

These were always going to be a favourite as they come with a ‘2 chilli spice rating’. Each taco was packed with a moist shredded chicken filling, a crunch of onion and full of that Mexican flavour.

  • Fried chilli mango and prawn taco

It was juicy and full of flavour with the mango and prawn tumbling in a match made in heaven.


  • Mushroom and Onion taco

As with all the tacos, a soft shell is filled with the classic combination of garlic mushrooms, onions and herbs.

  • Summery Palapa salad

With fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes, chilli peppers, tortilla strips, almonds and a lemon and olive oil dressing. The flavours and textures work so well together. The zingy-ness of the lemon juice and the heat of the chilli, combined with the fresh spinach leaves and crunch of almonds was a perfect accompaniment to the tacos.


  • Marinated Chicken salad

This salad comes with mixed lettuce leaves, chicken, tortilla chip bits, avocado, nuts, seasonal fruit and a serrano chilli curry dressing. With the generous serving, this salad is ideal on its own, or perfect for sharing and of course the Mexican flavours have not been lost due to the chilli, avocado and tortilla chips.

  • Quesadilla with ground beef and melted cheese.

Wow, by far the most delicious quesadilla I have tried, you just can’t go wrong with ground beef and melted cheese. Triangles of heaven.


To end the meal we were given shots of Frozen Margarita, a perfectly refreshing way to cool the chilli kick we had experienced from the food, with that Jose Cuervo kick.

Palapa is a perfect place to start your night out, plenty of taste, but no need to dampen your later desire to get on the dancefloor.

It is not all about the night time though. Palapa have a great day menu and even offer an English breakfast—presumably for those that were part of the promenade cabaret the night before.

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