Paddy Slater

  • Ibiza. Andorra. Preston.
    • Stephen Donovan

Paddy Slater, a household name around San Antonio, playing in Ibiza Rocks Bar, Sol House and Pikes Hotel to name just a few. Paddy is one of the finest singers, songwriters and musicians this island has to offer.

At only 26 years old Paddy plays with such brilliance and effortlessness you´d think he has been in the game for twenty or thirty years. Hailing from Preston, England (not Ireland, like his name might let you believe) but spending most of his time between Ibiza and Andorra Paddy has got his craft down to a tee. Catering for a huge range of audiences Paddy is able to get a bar or wherever he may be playing from sitting quietly to up on their feet dancing and singing in literally a space of 10 songs (or less), how he does it is down to the range of music he plays and the persona he brings while playing. Engaging the entire audience and always keeping them entertained from the very first strum of his guitar.

Paddy Slater, Ibiza, Andorra, Preston.
Paddy Slater, Ibiza, Andorra, Preston.

Paddy has amazing varieties of music playing everything from rock to pop to dance and everything else in between. I honestly don´t think there’s a song this man doesn’t know how to play or sing. But Paddy isn´t just happy to play other peoples music, Paddy is also a talented song writer. Some of you may have seen his new track ´Shoulder´ on Facebook or Youtube. It’s a fantastic acoustic song with deep and emotional lyrics; this catchy number will have you listening to it over and over. Make sure to check it out online!

I catch up with Paddy on Monday evening for his gig at Joe Spoons Irish Bar on the Westend. Starting off his set with all the crowd favourites, ´Mr. Brightside´, ´Wonderwall´ , ´Teenage Dirtbag´ and then into some of the newer pop tracks. Having seen Paddy before, I have a few personal favourites of his and I couldn´t help but ask him to play, so gladly he performs his dance melody. It’s really something to witness, all the old school dance music played on piano and mashed into one serious 7 or 8 minute song. It certainly got the Joe Spoons dance floor full and jumping!

However, not looking to steal the show all by himself, Paddy is always happy to share his stage with any one brave enough to come up and sing a song. Being after one or two pints of San Miguel, I offer my services and Paddy carries me with his fantastic playing while I almost empty the bar with my awful rendition of Mustang Sally. While some musicians are happy to be able just to play guitar or piano, Paddy plays both during his sets with his amazing ability using a loop pedal. Playing each part and building up a track is truly amazing to watch live.


Paddy finishes his set with the crowd singing ´ONE MORE TUNE, ONE MORE TUNE´ and gets a massive round of applause from the full bar. If you have an evening free in Ibiza this man is definitely a must see!

Paddy is also available for private functions and weddings. You can catch Paddy play Joe Spoons Irish Bar on Monday and Wednesday, Shenanigans’ on Tuesdays and Fridays, Ibiza Rocks Bar on Thursdays and Sundays and Sol House Mallorca  Saturdays.