Ibiza Covid-19 Patient Expresses Thanks For Ozone Therapy

Sergio Tonelli, a 49 year old man entered the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Polyclinic in Ibiza on the 27th March was quickly sent to the ICU due to his deteriorating condition.

After receiving 6 sessions of Ozone therapy he is walking, talking and able to tell his story.

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In a video posted by the clinic, Tonelli explains that he entered on March 27 and was quickly sent to the ICU: “It was difficult for me to breathe. They gave me oxygen but I was breathing badly. I saw black and I didn’t know if it was going to come out” Tonelli says.

The video is available to view above.

His wife authorised treatment with Ozone therapy and the response was “immediate”.

“It changed my life,” says Tonelli. After the first session I was more animated. I was improving and I was happier.”

“Dr. Viñals offered it to us, I had confidence and thanks to that I can count it,” says Tonelli, who is already counting down the days to return home, although he will return to the centre to thank the staff for the treatment that “saved his life.”

The patient received six sessions in three days and after that time the oxygen was withdrawn, which he no longer needed, and he could get up on his own.

Ozone Therapy Proving Successful In Covid-19 Patients