Brighton born DJ Scott Diaz has been told by an Ibiza promoter that he is too fat for their ‘Ibiza ethos and image’.

Diaz says he was originally contacted by the promoter, however after an exchange of emails he was told his “image does not fit”.

On asking what that meant, Diaz was told it was regarding his weight. Writing in Magnetic Mag, Ryan Middleton published what he described as the promoter’s “asinine response”:-

“We have a certain crowd here at [name withheld] and we feel the people attending our parties expect a certain image from both the acts we book and the other clubbers. It seems like Scott’s a bit overweight and just overall doesn’t really fit our Ibiza image or ethos.”

Middleton went on to lambaste the decision, along with many dance music artists and media. “would they cancel on Carl Cox because he doesn’t look like a fitness model?” he asked, “I doubt it”.

Scott Diaz: “I am a bit overweight, but what the fuck does that have to do with my ability to play some records?!” (photo facebook)

For his part, Diaz was surprised to find himself at the centre of social media attention. In a lengthy response on Facebook (full text below), he said “This thing has become a beast with many heads. I originally shared the post and email thread with the intention of having a bit of a laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, but it’s really taken on a life of it’s own.

“Anybody who knows me well knows that I am somebody that doesn’t court drama. Integrity is important and I wish to have attention for only the right reasons, so there’s a lot about this situation that doesn’t sit well with me.”

Diaz has refused the many requests he has received to ‘go public’ and out the promoter involved. “I understand that people are upset on my behalf but after careful consideration (and some good advice – legal, PR and friends), I am going to stick to my guns and keep the information to myself.”

Editorial comment:

Let’s be honest about this one. Some people are going to find this story pretty amusing, or at least fodder for some one liners – the auto-pun in me had come up with ‘No Tubs in the Club’ and ‘Too Fat to be Phat’ before I had even finished reading the tale.

That is fine and dandy, Scott makes it clear he wasn’t taking it too seriously, and we are not suggesting everybody has to take the smile off their face and sign-up to the anti-body-fascist league to correct this grave injustice – but it does raise a fair point.

The Ibiza Promoter involved is said to have put the reason for their decision on the expectations of their crowd. Style over substance – is that really what we want, or has it been decided on our behalf?

I guess I am not ‘their crowd’, I grew up in a radio generation, and I can’t think of a single DJ from back in the day that would pass a ‘beautiful people’ test – that’s right, you know who you are :-) . Note: If any young people want evidence of the lack of importance of body image in early dance music DJs, get yourself along to the forthcoming Clockwork Orange – you’ll be amazed at the lack of conventional good looks on offer – not all that gurning is chemically induced. (nah, gawd bless ya, i’m only joking, only joking, they’re all gorgeous, guapos one and all … yep, I’m gonna regret this one)

However you take this story, lighthearted or outraged, do have a read of Scott’s response on FB below. I do not know him, but thought he gave as decent and reasonable response as you could expect in the circumstances, which included “Many people reading this or the previous posts will not have known me beforehand, and it bothers me that their introduction to me isn’t my music, but is instead based around something negative. This doesn’t make me feel good”.