Overtaking Nutter Kills Man, Flees Scene, Released from Jail next Morning

Nick Gibbs

Sorry but I really can’t be bothered to try and write an objective report on this. Considered it biased or editorial or whatever.

We all know how dangerous the main Ibiza to Santa Eulalia Road is.

We’ve all seen nutters overtaking along there and in doing so playing Russian Roulette with their lives and those of other road users.

An Italian in a tourist rental car was doing exactly that – as confirmed by several eye witnesses.

He caused a high speed crash that killed a 34 year old Brazilian man riding a moto who worked at the Aguas de Ibiza hotel in Santa Eulària.

The Italian driver is said to have stopped momentarily. Then raced off from the scene.

He was not caught until 8 hours later by when Police could not issue alcohol tests.

And so how is he dealt with by the courts? How do we make an example of him in an effort to make our all too unsafe roads a little bit safer?

The very next morning the Ibiza court simply releases him from custody with no stated conditions of parole.

Accidents happen, but driving as he was described to be driving by multiple witnesses should not be a situation where the word accident applies. It should be murder.

And look out Ibiza, he could be out there driving on the roads again now.

This is on top of the recent case where a young driver spent no prison time whatsoever despite being found guilty of homicide due to reckless driving whilst speeding, drunk, and on drugs. read no jail for killer driver here

Some weird sense of priorities Ibiza. Shame the driver wasn’t found to have his stereo turned up loud, he’d probably be doing a ten stretch by now.