We’re not going out, we’re not going out out, we’re going out in. 

All times are Spanish, deduct an hour for UK.

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Friday Night

Barcelona Bingo

It’s Friday, it’s 8 O’Clock, it’s Flaherty’s online Bingo. 

Direct from Barcelona, but with a good smattering of Ibiza players already confirmed, Flaherty’s will be hosting their live Bingo event. How does it work? We have no clue but you’ll find out here … 


Pub Quiz

An hour later The Hub Ibiza are hosting their live Pub Quiz. 

“Join us for a very special evening of fun, laughter and prizes as the HUB Ibiza brings the traditional PUB QUIZ to you for the second time via Facebook Live during this lock down period in Ibiza. the HUB’s QUIZMASTERS will be streaming live via our Facebook Page to bring you a series of trivial questions and using our special online form. You can select your answers and at the end of the quiz, submit your forms for marking!


Saturday Day

People getting up early enough for Yoga must be outside the scope of this article. More to the point, we couldn’t find any ‘ which seems odd. Please let us know. In the meantime we’ll start with …

Brunch for 1 or 2 or More

Whatever you are making for your wake-up meal of the day, multitask it into some social interaction by posting a photo of your fayre in the Ibiza Cookdown group. Seriously, it does not matter how meagre your efforts, if it passes the criteria of being food on a plate it will get a warm reception of equally desperate locals in the cookdown group lead by the lovely Luisa. 


Paul Reynolds (& The Missus) LIVE

3pm it is time to get your glad rags on and do some grooving and mooving as Paul Reynolds holds his second Saturday bash for no cash, ably assisted by the missus dancing about the place. Paul says “Super excited for tomorrow catch me live again from 3pm Spanish 2pm Uk in conjunction with the lovely BLOND:ISH and her byebyeplasticlife foundation! Last week was like an amazing house party for loads of mates, tequila at the ready!”

Watch via either the bye bye plastic or paul reynolds pages – actually NO WATCHING, JUST DANCING



Saturday Night

Judge Jules (& The Missus) LIVE

We are spoilt for party choice as our own fashionista sister with the Jimmy Choo blisters, Amanda O’Riordan, tells us hubby Judge jules is taking to the live feed decks Saturday Night – which for those of us a certain age will feel like we’re back in the days of radio at home. ‘Manda told us “AWESOME NEWS from Judge Jules: we’re coming to you live from our lounge this Saturday all evening. Get that house party sorted, get the drinks in, Jules is setting up his decks and I’ll be dancing behind him like a proper DJ WAG… here’s the details:”

  • 8-9pm, Golden, Stoke on Trent
  • 9-11pm, Global Warm Up, Radio Show
  • 11-12 midnight, Ultimate Rave



Haven’t found anything yet, so until that changes we suggest just lazing about in your jim jams going down hard on a box set, or whatever takes your fancy – which if you think about it is a pretty amazing thing to be doing anyway.

Food & Drink Delivery

Can’t be bothered to cook/forgot the shops? See our resource guide here for some great options of food and drink to your door. 

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