Seriously, this bloke Jerry Blunt has got more front than Playa d’en Bossa. And why not? It’s funny, a bit sad, but at the end of the day I love the music so who cares. The story goes a little something like this….

The Press Release

We receive a press release from ‘Island Thug’. Never heard of them but love the name.

It features Jerry Blunt, ‘the Formentera Rapper’ and his role in a Netflix movie.

I’d like to have thought that if there was any Rapper of note from the Balearics let alone the Pitiuses (Ibiza and Formentera) I’d have known about them. Especially one living the life of an all American MTV Cribs Rapper, and that is very much the picture painted by Island Thug in their press release.

Apparently tongues were wagging as Jerry has been travelling a lot, though he was spotted moving a life size statue of himself into his house. You know what, in the circumstances I’ll paste the press in full.

“In Formentera it was an open secret something had happened with the singer who was not performing lately, but he was traveling constantly.

“A neighbour of the Rapper (who recently moved to a chalet in the exclusive Es Carnatge area of Formentera) said they were surprised that among the construction trucks that have entered the land of the rapper’s house recently, was one that delivered what seemed to be a life-size statue of the artist himself. You know the rappers’ vanity!

Jerry Blunt with Dominic Cooper

“In the film whose official announcement comes next Friday, the fomterense shares the limelight with the actor Dominic Cooper of Mama Mia, Need For Speed and Captain America. The Netflix movie is set in Los Angeles with Cooper and Blunt in the role of police infiltrators in a plot of drug trafficking and corruption.”

See what I mean? Why wouldn’t we know of this superstar in our midst?

The Search

Intrigued enough to turn straight to Google I was surprised that ‘Jerry Blunt’ did not return the usual artist information you expect to see. Wikipedia entry on the left, Google facts and discography on the right.

There was nothing on page one that looked life a possible match. Nor page two. Nobody goes past page two do they? I added ‘Formentera’ to the search and finally got a few results.

The first article was from NouDiari, and essentially just a bit of a rewording of the Island Thug press release re the Netflix film. Side-note, the press release had only landed 2 hours earlier. Impressively quick of NouDiari to get it out, and kind of mind blowing that Google can already return it in search.

Still not so much on B Boy Blunt though. Basically just his own social media and website.

As my own Google’s UK English settings can filter out Spanish results when you don’t want it to, I also ran the search in my ES España Opera browser. Same very limited response.

But there was one entry on a Balearic Arts website B Culture, that sang his praises as an important part of the Spanish Hip Hop scene. Speaking of his “tailor made sharp suits” as being “more 007 than rap stereotype”, the bio goes on to say “the great reception of the Ghetto VIP album allowed Jerry to represent his island concept in halls, radios, press and televisions such as: RNE, El Mundo, MTV, Telemundo, Univisión, … ranking as the first Balearic artist to perform in prime-time on Latino television America and USA”.

The Music

By now I am thinking that despite this clearly being an artist of merit, claims to the full on West Coast Hip Hop lifestyle may be exaggerated. Considerably exaggerated.

But my thoughts are to a backing track of Jerry Blunt’s You Tube selection. Again, with a following of 794 and a few comments per track, global superstar he isn’t, but imho a mighty fine Rapper he is.

Despite his name sounding like Cockney rhyming slang for a person of low standing, it turns out Jerry Blunt is home grown talent, a Fomterense who’s actual name is Iván Sánchez López.

I’ve always liked a bit of home grown Mediterranean influence in dance music. I’m loving a lot of the Flemenco Hip Hop crossover being produced right now, and though Latin has always been a big part of Hip Hop, I think there is a particular difference in sound to Rap produced this side of the Atlantic. Or perhaps it is just that I prefer to listen to it without the often dodgy lyrics of the English speaking variety.

Either way, as a local lad, i like Jerry Blunt’s work a lot. I’m not so keen on tracks like ‘Háblame de sexo’ (talk about sex), which is too far towards the pop end of the hip hop spectrum for my taste, but the spartan Brindemos makes my playlist along with several others.

The Denial

Enjoying the music as I am, I can’t help thinking this whole Rap Star thing is a real shame. Despite claims not to be Hip Hop stereotype, the reality is that there is much to say he wants to be exactly that. The video to ‘No se vale’ is a good example. Shot in the Dominican Republic, it’s all about being bad ass, but on a budget. It just doesn’t feel as gangsta as i think Jerry wants it to be, and i can’t help thinking a film shot in his own backyard would have come over with greater credibility.

Plus the name change. Why is Jerry Blunt better than Iván Sánchez? Perhaps i’m being naive, perhaps you have to anglicise to get ahead, but I think it’s a shame. If Hip Hop is about anything it is about pride and identity, not pretending to be someone you are not. I found much of Jerry Blunt’s website a bit embarrassing if I’m honest. Striking Westside Massif Cap-in-Your-Ass poses down on the Formentera shore just doesn’t do it for me.

Come on Iván, I bet you’re a really nice bloke, but gangsta you ain’t.

He definitely has front though. I notice in small print at the foot of his website that it was created by a firm named ‘Island Thug’, yep the same Island Thug as sent the press release scoop on watching Jerry Blunt’s house from behind net curtains. I’ve no direct proof, but I’ve a strong feeling Island Thug and Jerry Blunt are one and the same, or at least very closely connected. Just goes to show though, Nou Diari have already put the story out as if they are reporting a celeb spotting scoop from a media site. And why the hell not, 95% of PR is nonsense anyway, so why not just write it about yourself.

Love the music, love the sound, but drop that plastic gangsta crap, bars and rhymes make your rap, ride some pride on the map, say it loud for your sound, Balearic B-Boy, Fomterense and proud.

Look out for the Netflix movie and have a listen to his tunes. Love this one, a collaboration, Son Raperos