Finding fun ways to learn in Catalan can be difficult. Here we offer a couple of web portals which offer fun, age appropriate learning covering all subjects. Great for an additional language boost, the chance to learn something new, or simply just to have fun. 


This web portal is suitable for children in Infantil through to High school. It covers all subjects in Catalan with interactive games, multiplication tables, reading and languages including Spanish, English and Catalan. 

The games are age appropriate and with activities for little ones age 3+, everyone can get involved.


The Cristic web portal has sections for children in Infantil and Primeria. The sections are divided into age groups and by subject as well. The online games are a good tool for reviewing class content or learning new concepts.

The online educational games for children allow them to develop skills in mathematics, language, science and many more subjects of the early childhood and primary education curriculum.

All the materials you will find are educational resources and free educational games for children from 3 to 12 years old.

Educational Apps

There are many fun apps that can be downloaded. The web portal we’ve listed below gives you a wide variety of apps with the option of choosing Android, Apple or Google Chrome. You can make your own stop-motion movies, edit photos, practice maths, take quizzes and much more.

If you have any more suggestions of educational resources available in Catalan, we’d love to add them.