Ocean Beach Ibiza

Roy Wood famously sang ‘I wish it could be Christmas every day’, and though there is a part of us that wishes it was, we know that in reality a perpetual Christmas would lose the very essence of what Christmas is. There would be none of the joy of anticipation, nor the magic of a special day.

In culinary terms the restaurant at Ocean Beach can be considered in a very similar way. For most of us a meal at Ocean is not an every day occurrence. It is one of those very special restaurants that you reserve for very special days, to be enjoyed with  the people most special to you. It is a treat to look forward to and in our experience to date it never fails to live up to the occasion.

For those unfamiliar with the rise of the venue that has done so much to change the literal and metaphorical sky/shoreline of San Antonio, Ocean Beach is the phenomenally successful open air Club sitting by Punta es Moli between San Antonio town and bay.

Best known for its daytime parties attracting young and young at heart tourists by the thousand, it is a place to see and be seen around its pools, terraces, and gardens.

What is perhaps less known is that it offers food of superb standard in the terrace restaurant, though those who have booked beds can be served in situ as many lapping up a slice of VIP lifestyle will of course choose to do.


For us local working types a day of lounging is at best a month or so away and so we availed ourselves of a table booking for 2 , timed perfectly to enjoy the daily show of precariously perched acrobats swinging high above us suspended from Ocean’s cabaret cranes.


So to the food and we are greeted by what we will affectionately call a starter. The Chef’s Sushi Platter is a beautifully presented piece of art that we’re a little reluctant to destroy, well for about 3 seconds anyway. We boot up our tastebuds with some of the pickled ginger and tuck in to the 8 pieces of California Roll (crab and avocado), 6 pieces of avocado and cream cheese, 2 tuna sashimi, 2 salmon sashimi, 2 prawn nigiri and a splash of salmon roe.

The highlight for us has to be the tuna – its subtle and delightful with a melt in the mouth texture. I’m told by real sushi aficionados that you can tell how good a sushi chef is by the salmon, and this tastes like it’s jumped out of the river straight into our mouths. Yes, it’s pretty fresh …


The mains arrive, and in the midst of such a heatwave fish suits our fancy perfectly.

Between us we have ordered the Black Cod (with rice, pak choi and wild mushrooms) and the Crusted Salmon (with spinach, beansprouts, teriyaki sauce and fresh yoghurt).

Both of the dishes are presented with flair, as you can see from the photographs.

Some real kitchen talent has resulted in some very nice touches – the Salmon has a layer of sesame seed crust and includes a piece of crispy skin on the side, and both have crunchy textured twirls and crisps included.

In the interests of science we decide to share and both are simply sublime. The fish is beautifully cooked and moist, accompanied by delicate sauces and crunchy vegetables.


To drink we had a bottle of the Perfume Muscat at 28€. At Ocean you can spend substantially more on a good bottle, but we had enjoyed the Muscat before and it is a perfect light summer wine to suit the occasion and the food.

Our main course were 32€ and 28€, so though Ocean is not an everyday restaurant it is certainly not priced at a level beyond reach for a not too irregular visit.


We didn’t have a postre, partly because we were full enough, but also it somehow didn’t seem right to be sitting there gorging on cream and chocolate with so many young and lithe bodies shaking their booties around. Another bonus of a meal at Ocean.

Diners are welcome to then join the party in the Beach club, or you can just kick back and watch everyone else doing all the hard work for you whilst you partake in a superb cocktail collection.


We thought these Porn Star Martinis a perfect Ocean Beach tipple to finish the meal.

So do we wish it could be Ocean Beach every day? Well to be honest, yes we rather do.

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Note on 24th August Ocean have their famous San Bartolomé dinner with spectacular views of the San Antonio’s annual firework display. Book early.