Ibiza News: Ibiza Consell ‘No Means No!’ Campaign

The Oficina de la Dona (Office for Women) has launched a campaign under the slogan ‘No Means No! Ibiza, an island free of sexual aggression’.

The social awareness campaign aiming to tackle both sexual harassment and gender violence was presented by the Councillor of Social Welfare, and of many other things, Lydia Jurado.

The campaign will include distribution of a series of posters, leaflets, flyers and other promotional materials targeted at nightlife venues, clubs and bars, etc., and in more traditional information points such as medical centres and municipal buildings.

The materials have been created in four languages, Catalan, Spanish, English and German, and offer a 24-hour sexual assault helpline plus details of emergency services and contact details for the Office of Women.

“The aim of this initiative is to visualise the problem” said minister Jurado, “we do not have any exact data on the number of such attacks because many go unreported due to fear or helplessness. Often this is as the victims are tourists and being in a country they do not know, and do not know where to go for help.” The minister thanked those companies in the entertainment sector that have agreed to co-operate in distributing the material inside their premises. She said that their aim is for Ibiza to become “an example of zero tolerance for this kind of behaviour”.