Café Mambo; 25 Years Young

      Café Mambo will open its doors for the 2019 season with a huge opening party on Friday 10th May, celebrating 25 years.

      Privilege Stays Shut, Club’s Legal Appeal Fails, Suspension Order Stands

      Ibiza superclub Privilege will have to stay shut, for the time being at least. Its legal appeal against San Antonio council's suspension order has been rejected in court.

      Children of the 80s Ibiza Line Up 2019

      Children of the 80s Ibiza Line Up 2019 (that's 80s, not 80's, OK)

      Raver’s Delight; ORBITAL play Eden; Ibiza Clubs 2019

      Orbital play DJ sets at Eden Ibiza on 3rd June, 22nd July and 16th September

      Agenda; Ibiza October 2018; Fiestas, Gastronomy, Clubs, Culture

      Your Ibiza October 2018 agenda; literally hundreds of things to do from Fiestas to Football Gastronomy to God, from Clubs to Culture, and much more besides. 
      music and art in ibiza september 2018 bloop

      September Music & Art in Ibiza by Claire B

      September Music & Art in Ibiza. An eclectic mix of Ibiza's creative talent, curated and narrated by Claire B.

      Carl Cox 2018 Sets at Resistance Ibiza, Official Videos

      Watch the full and unedited official recordings of Carl Cox 2018 at Resistance Ibiza

      Ibiza Clubs Poster Art & Values from Ku & Manumission to Summin & More

      Ibiza's old club posters are considered collectable art by their fans, and the best designs are worth considerable amounts of money

      San Antonio Heavy Metal Day: July 28th, Punta d’es Moli

      1 night, 8 heavy metal bands. we have a feeling they won't be keeping this one under 65 decibels.

      Rudimental, interview with Leon ‘DJ Locksmith’ Rolle

      "When we go on stage we like to be together with the crowd, so you feel like you're a part of our world, and we are a part of your world."

      Flava-Changer, Craig David Interview

      In our exclusive interview with Craig David we find out why he likes it intimate, how many people can fit in his front room, and why he’s dreaming about chicken wraps. 

      Roger Sanchez Joins the Mambo Brothers At Café Mambo

      Mambo Brothers Monthly at Cafe Mambo, Sunset Strip, San Antonio

      Ibiza Is Most Expensive of World’s 50 Top Clubbing Hotspots

      A report by holiday renting portal claims that Ibiza is not only expensive, but is the most expensive clubbing destination worldwide, costing 30% more than 2nd place Las Vegas for their shopping basket of club entry and drinks.

      Hard Rock Hell Ibiza Road Trip 9

      Hard Rock Hell are bringing over 20 international hard rock and metal bands to the island and as usual, Ibiza residents are allowed into the gigs for free.

      One Night Stand, Carl Cox at Pacha, DC10 & Amnesia for 2018

      Carl Cox will play at Amnesia, Pacha & DC10, for 1 night only at each iconic Ibiza club

      FAC51 The Hacienda at Eden 2018, Factory Fridays in San Antonio

      The club that launched a thousand gurns is coming to Ibiza, and with Factory Fridays sure to be on the clubbing diary A-List, their Eden hosts continue to impress with another coup for San Antonio. 

      Unequalled House; Defected Sundays at Eden 2018

      Defected is house for proper people, not a pretentious poseur in sight, it's all about the dancefloor and that has to be right, right?

      Interview with Defected Resident Sam Divine

      Rewind: From the West End to Warm Ups to the big Wide World: Our interview with Ibiza's own Ms Defected, Sam Divine.

      Promoter Tells DJ he is Too Fat for their Ibiza Image

      "I am a bit overweight, but what the fuck does that have to do with my ability to play some records?!"

      Get Into The Jungle, Tropical Wonderland Returns for Eden Saturdays 2018

      Tropical Wonderland return to Eden for another year of flamingos and huge illuminated rhinos alongside the go-gos, with moody all-black poseurs a definite no-no*.


      Advertising Media Pack & Rate Card

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      2019 Ibiza Advertising & Promotion Packages

      Our 2019 summer season advertising plans offer better value and greater reach than ever before.

      ‘Todo el Año’, Special Advertising Promotion for All Year Business

      A full year print & digital advertising campaign bundle.  Targeting Ibiza residents, businesses & visitors. The bundled price represents a saving of 1706€ on the total...

      Ibiza Tourism Advertising Promotion

      The Ibizan's Tourism Advertising Promotion is designed to take the tourists from the hotels, and into your business.  To compare all of our Summer...

      Platinum & Gold, The Total Ibiza Advertising Campaign Solution

      Traditionally our most popular packages, the Ibizan's Gold & Platinum plans offer a total advertising solution.
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