Lily Allen
Ibiza Rocks

Lily Allen played her first gig on the island at Ibiza Rocks last week. However, she’s no stranger to the island, staying here as a 15 year old after a family holiday, “working for this record shop called Plastic Fantastic and selling E’s”, as she proudly told us at the beginning of her show.
Lily was supported by Bipolar Sunshine, the solo project of Manchester-based musician Adio Marchant, formerly of Kid British fame. Live he plays with a full backing band: keyboard player (who also plays guitar on some songs), bassist and drummer. They played what could best be described as sunshine music. Their set was full of original poppy, funky, danceable tunes, which were perfect for a warm, breezy, Ibizan night as the sun went down. When the keyboard player switched to guitar, the pace quickened and they rocked it up a bit.

The biog on Facebook says: “Bipolar Sunshine is based on a surreal world where anything is possible, the stranger the better as long as it’s done with an artistic approach. A Home for the defeated romantic, the passionately curious but in the mist of all still can see the bright side to everything.” I rather like that ethos and it was exemplified by the last song in their set, which was entitled ‘Love more worry less’, which was a great sentiment to leave us with.
The last time I saw Lily Allen was at a summer festival on Clapham Common in 2006, just as her musical career was starting to take off and she was still wearing her trademark hoodie, prom dress and trainers onstage. I was looking forward to see her perform again all these years later and in the relatively intimate setting of Ibiza Rocks.
She didn’t disappoint. Her backing band took their places on the stage first, and then Lily appeared, launching into ‘LDN’ to great applause from the expectant crowd. She looked fantastic, wearing a shimmery green cut-off bustier and a bright orange pencil skirt with full-length zip at the back and killer heels, with her hair plaited and pinned up. Next up was ‘F**K You’, which got everybody singing along. For recent single ‘Hard Out Here’, Lily was joined onstage by four dancers clad in very short denim shorts, who shook their booty’s ferociously to the tongue-in-cheek song, which is making a statement about the objectification of women in the music business (see the link to the video clip at the end). Leaving the stage for a quick costume change whilst the dancers entertained us, she reappeared in another glamorous figure-hugging outfit. For the rest of the show she happily mixed early singles and songs from her first two albums with songs from the recent album, including ‘Everyone’s At It’, ‘Sheezus’ and ‘Bass Like Home’, her unofficial World Cup song. The backdrop images were hilarious, with babies’ feeding bottles being a recurring image: female dancers with dog’s heads trapped dancing inside them, and later the teats on the bottles transformed into nipples, oozing milk. As in her lyrics, Lily draws on things that are part of her life and her outlook. The dancers appeared intermittently, as they did for the latter part of ‘Smile’, which veered off into a frenzy of drum and bass.

She had great stage presence. She looked stylish (in stark contrast to her stage attire in the early days of her career) and commanded the stage as she happily danced around it. There was also a bit of banter as she introduced the songs, often followed by a bit of giggling, as before ‘22’ when she told us that she’d written it when she was younger, saying “don’t believe it, it’s wrong”. ‘L8 CMMR’ was dedicated to her husband who she said was “wicked in bed”. Lily tells it as it is, both in her lyrics and onstage, which is refreshingly honest and has a dash of quirkiness, sadly lacking in many artists these days.
Not long after, she ditched her heels and spent the rest of the gig dancing around barefoot. For some of the slower songs she sat at the front of the stage, which was probably an attempt to rest from the heat of the night but was endearing to watch. Her delivery of Keane’s ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ was beautiful and haunting and the crowd loved it. She ended with ‘The Fear’, bade us farewell and curtseyed before leaving the stage. There was no encore, but she’d been onstage for well over an hour and the crowd was happy with what they’d had. She put on a great performance giving us material spanning her career and all the big hits: it was slick, entertaining and the crowd loved her. Another great night at Ibiza Rocks with two acts that complimented each other perfectly.
Bipolar Sunshine:

Lily Allen, Hard Out Here:
Lily Allen, Smile:


I am Hardwell

Robbert van de Corput is the 26 year old superstar DJ known to the world as Hardwell. Bit of useless trivia for you—Van de Corput translates from Latin/Dutch to Hardwell. The name change was the first of many a strategic decision taken in conjunction with his parent managers (in his early playing days they had to accompany him as he was too young to be allowed into clubs alone) in the bid for world domination, or at least as far towards world domination as the DJ can hope to achieve. In 2013 he became the youngest ever winner of the coveted DJ Magazine DJ of the year award. Hardwell hails from the fountain of Dutch DJs that has brought us such names as Corstein, Buuren and Tiesto, the latter from his home town. OK so that’s the press pack bio but I like to ask around for people’s opinions/questions/reactions prior to an interview. In Hardwell’s case you can split it into two. Though his well may runneth over in professional accolades and a huge fan base (approaching 6 million on facebook—that’s more than the population of Scotland for Cliff’s sake) his name still does not have the same level of recognition as some of his senior 1st generation A-listers. Of the half that did know of him he clearly carries a very high standing—a general consensus that he justified his world number 1 status. The exception to the yes/no division in awareness was amongst his countrymen. The Dutch all know him, young and old, whether into the whole edm world or not. In the Dutch community the professional respect has an additional layer of warmth of feeling that comes from a national pride, and also as I found out something of a maternal pride, that ‘our boy did good’. I asked him if he sensed that feeling.
H: Definitely I sense it. I appreciate it. Generally I think the Dutch people are very proud of what happened to Dance Music in Holland, especially when we have people like Tiesto, Armand Van Buuren, Ferry Corstein. Dutch DJs were dominating the scene along with the English guys back in the day and yes I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved as well. It’s great to hear you have a lot of Dutch people reading this.

Hardwell invites his PR manager to try some Bitterballen, one of a range of Dutch delicacies I have taken along in a picnic hamper lovingly prepared by San Antonio’s very much Dutch bar Tulp. I’m starting to pity whoever will be transcribing the interview as a rummage further into the hamper is greeted with happy cries of Herring (ok that one was easy) Frikandel Speciaal, and -you know what you’ll just have to take my word for it—a lot of Dutch food names that I cannot hope to pronounce let alone spell.
With impeccable manners I am asked to be sure and pass on my thanks to Tulp. It was when talking with Paul, Diana, and a table of Dutch clients at Tulp that the maternal side of their affection came out. To be frank many of those present were not people you would expect to be keeping up with the cutting edge of what’s hot in electronic dance music, but it turns out they all fell for him as a rather cute 15 year old when he appeared on a major Dutch television programme.
H: Ah yes, you mean, “de wereld draait door” (the world turns around). I had my first record when I was 14 and they asked me to appear on the programme. It is like a panel show with a studio audience and they feature anything that is new. They invited me on to talk about it, and asked me “what is your biggest dream?”. You know since Tiesto was my role model, and he became world DJ number 1 in 2001 just at the same time as the interview. I said “I want to become world number 1 DJ as well” and everybody, the audience and the guests on the panel, started laughing, they all thought it was really funny at the time, but now (he says this with a big smile on his face) it’s like fuck you all.

Well I guess enough of this nostalgia, we’d best get on with the here and now. The Ushuaia residency, do you prefer outdoor?
H: Yeah, I’m a real festival kind of guy, I definitely prefer outdoor events. On the ‘I am Hardwell’ world tour dates around 40% of them were outside. What can I say, when you are in Ibiza for the summer season you want to be partying outside, you don’t want to be in some dark smelly club, you want to be looking at the water, whether it’s the beach or a pool, that’s what Ibiza is about man. Besides Ushuaia is an amazing club technically—the sound system, the lighting, it’s perfect for me. When they asked me to do a residency here I was really honoured. I’m a big fan of the island. The people here are really educated musically, they know what I’m playing, what I’m about, I really like that about Ibiza.

Your set starts quite early at 9pm, does that effect your set? Are people ready to party?
H: For me the timing is perfect, but it is why I play for 3 hours you know. I want to start in the daytime and end in the night time, I think every DJ would love that idea. I don’t think a lot of DJs my age play 3 hour sets. The new generation want to play an hour, hour and a half, and bang out the hit records then they’re done. I want to take the opportunity to take it back to the way it used to be, to take people with me on a musical journey and give them the best time possible.

How is the studio album coming along—your first right?
H: Yes that’s right. It’s about 60% finished , I have like 10/11 sketches. I’m really happy with those sketches now (sorry but it would just seem wrong to correct a Dutchman’s English) . Maybe I’ll make 3 or 4 more then I’ll pick my favourite 10 or 11 for release. It will be after the summer. I’m producing while on the road so perhaps end of July or August.
And Revealed 4 (Hartwell’s mix compilation series), are you happy with it’s reception and sales? You have just returned from Vegas, how is it doing in the States?
H: I’m on Revealed 5 now (I hang head in shame—damn you Wikipedia!). The sales have been just great. The best selling mix album ever. It is number 5 now on iTunes worldwide on the album chart.

I don’t suppose 5 is good enough is it?
Hartwell’s Dad laughs. Hardwell himself seems to take the question somewhat more seriously.
H: It’s amazing, I’m competing with Ed Sheeran and Coldplay at this point so I couldn’t be happier. I have the biggest dance album on the chart, I’m above all the artist albums of all the other EDM guys.

Do you think you’ll have a chance to see Ibiza?
H: This week and next I’m flying in and out but then for the rest of the season I’ll be living on the island as a base. I’ve always flown in and out before. I’ve heard so many great stories about Ibiza so I can’t wait to actually be on the island.
OK well if you are spending some time here you might like this .. I give Hardwell a map I cobbled together with the patrons at Tulp of the island’s Dutch owned businesses. Though we would never consider recommending a Brit to all the Brit-bars in Ibiza as a cultural introduction to the island, the rather sparser Dutch community seems to justify the Ibiza-Oranje map.
H: Ah that’s great, (to his father) Look it says here there be Frikandel ha ha
Yes that’s Tulp
H: Well please be sure to thank them (again impeccable manners, I can’t believe he really knew that ‘Fuck‘ is considered a strong profanity)

What about Football, have you been watching? Do you fancy Holland’s chances?
H: Yes I watched the match yesterday. It wasn’t a great match but we won.
You know you’re talking to an Englishman right?
H: Ha ha, yes I’m sorry about that. I loved the match against Spain. Fantastic. I’m not a huge soccer fan, but when Holland are playing I love to watch. The vibe in Holland is great. I think we have a good chance.
Thank you for talking to us.
H: Thank you, and thank you for the food, everyone will freak out back stage.

Hardwell went off to do whatever it is superstars do before going on stage, probably drinking unicorn milk in between more have-to-be-done interviews. I had a meander through Ushuaia. The crowd consisted of a starkly contrasting mix of people, some carrying on with a party that obviously started many hours earlier on the beach, and then couples, especially girls, who were dressed to impress with implausibly perfect make up for the heat of the day and heels that may give them an advantage in a view over the crowd but would be as practical for dancing as filling your pockets with cement.
The atmosphere was much more that of a gig than a club with expectation rising as the sun dropped lower in the sky – but after that you’ll have to read the review of another writer. I could almost smell the ink of the Diario’s printing press as it fired up for the night—though to be fair it could have just as easily been poppers. Either way I had a paper to finish. Judging by the photo below I missed quite a show—and I think the photo perfectly represents exactly what you would expect of a Hardwell set—here is a DJ playing right at the top of their game.
Essential have a great review here

Hardwell is a young man who clearly takes his work very seriously. Nothing wrong with that. The world would surely be a better place with a few more Hardwells and a few less Feckless. He has huge drive and focus on becoming the best in every respect. His work output in production and live performance is prodigious. Again who can fault such drive and ambition. Whether ‘the best’ can be best achieved by striving to get to the number 1 position in various lists is a different question, a good philosophical one for the stoned and feckless perhaps.
I am Hardwell.
I hope that while living in Ibiza he gets some opportunity to wake up and say ‘I am Robbert’.


Hardwell is playing Ushuaia every Tuesday until August 26th. General tickets are priced 50/55€. The party starts at 5pm, Hardwell starts a 3 hour set at 9pm.
Links are live in the online edition.

Tuesdays from July 8



Tuesday Trance is back for 2014! Re-shaping the future of underground Progressive, Techno and Trance on the White Isle, SUNK promises to bring back the original Ibiza magic, outrageous off the wall madness and the heart stopping wow factor that has been lost over the years.
Brought to you by the guys behind the hugely successful Driftwood boat party, Sunk is tipped to lead the way in the new era of intimate underground club nights in Ibiza.
Taking over Privilege’s newly refurbished Vista Club and fuelled by an army of the most prominent and respected international artists, beautiful decor, mind bowing circus entertainment and the most famous Privilege production, SUNK offers a truly sensational and unrivalled experience that will be the talk of your holiday for years to come.
Confirmed acts include Andy Moor, Sean Tyas, Bryan Kearney, Menno de Jong, Max Graham, Solarstone, Giuseppe Ottaviani Live, Jerome Isma-ae and many many more!
Opening Party 8th July. Closing Party 23rd September. See advert front cover.
Workers guest list 634-100-511


3rd July
Main Room
Paul van Dyk : Eddie Halliwell : Ben Gold : Bryan Kearney
Mixmag Terrace
Laidback Luke : Dyro : Blasterjaxx : Sean Hughes

10th July
Main Room
Above & Beyond
Mat Zo :Gareth Wyn
Mixmag Terrace
Calvin Harris : FEED ME (DJ Set) : Burns : James Dutton

17th July
Main Room
Paul van Dyk
Paul Oakenfold
Aly & Fila : Paul Webster
Mixmag Terrace
Laidback Luke : Dirty South : Will Sparks Jemmy

24th July
Main Room
Paul van Dyk
Eddie Halliwell
John O’Callaghan
Adam Ellis
Mixmag Terrace
Steve Angello + More

31st July
Cream Ibiza
20th Birthday
Main Room
Paul van Dyk
Paul Oakenfold
John O’Callaghan
Adam Sheridan
Mixmag Terrace
Eric Prydz : Laidback Luke : Dirty South : Anthony Probyn

Sin Sundays

Ocean Beach


Each month, Sin Sundays brings the finest DJ’s & Entertainment it’s to Ocean Beach Club in San Antonio; with resident DJs Chris Wright and Billie Clements bringing the party to the pool!
Born and raised in Liverpool, Sin Sunday’s are deep into yet another successful summer in Ibiza.
Junes event was a roaring success, with many guests flying to Ibiza specifically for a serving of sin; and they did not leave disappointed.
This weekend, on Sunday 6th July, Ocean Beach Club will host the second Ibiza pool party of the season for the UK based promoters, before the team jet off to Amsterdam, Dubai & Belgium for further sin-fuelled antics.