Weekend News – 21st Aug 2015

The top stories in Ibiza and Formentera - Day Clubs versus Night Clubs. Homeowners Fined for Rental Parties. Sa Penya Squatters Out. British Bobbies do Something. Abandoned Boat. Flood Damage - Measures Taken to Prevent Repeat. Street Vendors Defend Police Chief. Illegal Camping.

Police release man from custody when confronted by “mob of very agitated and shouting...

It is being claimed that a mob of between 20 and 30 Senegalese traders descended on Sant Josep Police station yesterday demanding the release of their friend following the arrest of an illegal trader on Ses Salinas beach. In a move that is already resulting in considerable controversy Police chief Juame Ramon said they decided to release the man in the interests of public safety in the face of the mob of "very agitated and shouting men of Senegalese nationality"

Fatboy Slim to replace Spandau Ballet

Fatboy Slim replaces Spandau Ballet at Ibiza Rocks

Spandau Ballet cancel Ibiza Rocks Show

Spandau Ballet cancel Ibiza Rocks gig due to illness.

Weekend News – 14th Aug 2015

The top stories in Ibiza and Formentera - No Space at Beach. Cocaine Seizure. Sa Penya Clean Up. Wave of Burglaries. Boats. Water. Suicide. Airport Figures Up. The Most Expensive Fish in the Western World?

STI Friday – Breaking News

You can stay in Ibiza for free, with one small catch.

Weekend News – 7th Aug 2015

The top stories in Ibiza and Formentera - British Bobbies in Ibiza. Water Crisis Deepens. Freediving Champion Still Missing. Drug Ring Sting. Fire Awareness. Looky Looky Hooky Haul. Ibiza Shores Up Its Shores. A Splash Of Colour. Catalan Drug Gang. Treatment Plant Investment.

Mystery Mega Yacht Appears in San Antonio

Massive mystery mega yacht mystery.

Weekend News – 31st July 2015

The top stories in Ibiza and Formentera - MTV isn't listening, Oil threat, Water pipe investment, Tourist tax, Armed robbery, Phone thief nicked.

5€ ‘Try When You Buy’ Drug Test Kits in Ibiza Shops

Street level kits to test the purity/content in various illegal drugs have gone on sale in a San Antonio Supermarket, and the distributor is hoping they will soon be available across the island. The kits are branded EZ test, by the company who introduced the first commercially available consumer drug test for Ecstasy in 1996

R.I.P. Nik Turner

Beloved long-time Ibiza resident, Nik Turner, tragically passed away earlier this week. For those that knew him and wish to pay their respects, Nik's funeral is tomorrow on Thursday 18th at 6pm in the church of San Antonio, Calle Ample. He will also be at the chapel of rest at Carrer ses Baldraques 12 in Ibiza town from midday to 2pm for those who cannot make the funeral.

Attempted Murder in Cala De Bou

Police were called to the scene of what is being reported as an attempted murder in Cala De Bou during the afternoon of Saturday...

High school student kills teacher with crossbow in Barcelona

A student armed with a crossbow killed one teacher and injured another at a Barcelona high school on Monday morning. Three students were also reportedly injured with a knife.

Police called to San An house with 70 Dogs and 30 Cats

San Antonio Police have been called to a house where they found 70 dogs and 30 cats living in unsanitary conditions. Complaints from neighbours at the noise and smell emanating from the property lead to the police action, which resulted in the discovery that of all 70 dogs, only 3 were chipped with health records. The police were accompanied by environmental health technicians who reported that whilst most of the animals did not have the mandatory health card and chip, they were in generally good health.

Wow! Even by our high standards, what a sunset…

Ibiza enjoyed a spectacular sunset tonight, the 30th March 2015 - and by our high standards it has to be pretty special to be noteworthy - 16 camerphone stunners

The Clocks Go Forward Tonight – How To Cheat Less Sleep & Improve Your...

The clocks go forward tonight - In central European time including Ibiza, at 2a.m. it becomes 3a.m. To avoid carnage among confused roosters or howling dogs or something the change of time happens simultaneously across Europe so in the UK the change happens at 1a.m.

Ibiza Will Have One Minute Silence for Air Crash Victims at Noon Wednesday 25th

Flight 4U 9525 vanished from radar screens at about 10.47 am local time, 46 minutes after take-off from Barcelona. French officials said that debris had been found on the 2,961 metre-high Estrop massif near the small town of Barcelonette in the Alpes-de-Hautes-Provence.

Solar Eclipse Friday 20th Ibiza Info & Safe Viewing

A Partial Solar Eclipse will be visible from Ibiza Friday 20th March. Only areas as far North as the Faroe Islands will be able to see the full solar eclipse, however we will see approximately 60% of the Sun covered when the Moon crosses our line of sight to the Sun.

Pepita Says … Meeting with San Antonio Mayor Gutiérrez,

Of course I have not even mentioned the issue that from our straw poll, our inbox, from conversations with everyone everywhere, I know to be the issue of greatest concern to the most people. “Why do we have streets full of pickpockets, prostitutes, drug dealers and counterfeiters, all working with apparent impunity?”

British dad arrested in Cadiz for killing German “with single punch” when caught filming...

British dad arrested for killing German “with single punch” when he caught him filming his daughter. Guardia say German had been arrested on child pornography charges.


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