Fights and Fines in Ibiza

3 arrested on Talamanca beach for numerous offences and more fines are issued as people continue to disobey the current lockdown regulations.

Is Ibiza Heading Towards a ‘Perfect Storm’ Rental Property Crisis?

Ibiza may face a huge number of evictions in September and October. Landlords will lose thousands. Tenants will lose homes.

Covid-19; New Rules for Going Out

Tomorrow, 2nd May, those 14 years and above being allowed out for walks and physical activities during specific times throughout the day.

Ibiza Covid-19, Shared Custody of Children, Movement Between Parental Homes

the courts are sympathetic to any short term informal changes to custody arrangements

‘Anem a Maig’ Online Festival and Activities

The Anem a Maig Festival will be held online.The Balearic Islands Symphonic Orchestra will perform Beethoven's ninth symphony on the 9th May.

Step by Step; Spanish P.M.’s 4 Phase De-Escalation Plan

Small Businesses and Hotels may open from May 11th at the earliest, Small gatherings and seated outdoor events from May 25th at the very earliest.

Covid-19; Winning the Battle, But the War is not Over

Children can leave the house under new guidelines, adults may be able to walk/exercise from 2nd May. Fines will be issued for noncompliance.

Pacha House Party in Aid of Ibiza Red Cross

Pacha are holding a 7 hour house party tomorrow, Saturday 25th April from 6pm on the Zoom platform. Funds raised will go to Ibiza Red Cross.

Ibiza Covid-19; Recoveries Equal Active Cases

98% of the tests carried out by the mobile home units are negative in Ibiza and Formentera. Infections fall by 24%

Covid-19; Balearic’s Prepare for Mass Testing

The Balearic Islands are approaching a 'zero transmission rate' according to the Balearic Infectious Diseases Committee. 

Ibiza Covid-19, 17th April, Current Travel Options Between U.K. and Spain.

Contrary to much shared information, it is still possible to travel between Spain and the U.K., though the circumstances in which you can do so are extremely limited.

“The Children Will Be Allowed Out ASAP”, Plus School Implications

Full details of the academic school year and assistance for children with difficulties

Obituary: John Fitzgerald, Publican of San Antonio’s Willow Tree

We are saddened to report the passing of John Fitzgerald, publican of the popular Willow Tree pub in San Antonio. He died aged 67 of respiratory difficulties following a stroke.

Ibiza Covid-19; Rescheduled Events, Spreading in Homes and Possible Population Testing

Ibiza events are being rescheduled. Covid-19 may be spreading through homes and President Vicent Marí asks for population testing.

Covid-19; Ibiza Still In Decline, Economic Activity Resumes

30,000 masks are being distributed to those returning to work using public transport as Spain reopens its economic activity.

Body Found at Sea off Cala Llenya in Santa Eulalia

The second tragic finding of a lifeless body at sea in consecutive days. 

Body of Young Man Found Floating in Sea off Pinet Playa in San Antonio...

the local police received a telephone call at 9.55a.m. on the morning of Saturday 11th April, alerting them to a body seen floating in the sea off pinet playa beach.

Ibiza Covid-19 Patient Expresses Thanks For Ozone Therapy

Sergio Tonelli entered hospital on the 27th March. After 6 sessions of Ozone therapy he is walking, talking and able to tell his story.

Ibiza Covid-19; Ibiza Zero New Cases, Balearics Total Cases Down

Sadly the ministry of health report for the 9th April also confirmed the island's 8th death, a 69 year old with pre existing conditions.

Ozone Therapy Proving Successful In Covid-19 Patients

The Nuestra Señora del Rosario Polyclinica in Ibiza is the first in Spain to use the Ozone technique in treating Covid-19 patients, with success.


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