Farewell to Mo #YNWA

  • A prominent and much loved member of the Ibizan community has died following a tragic swimming accident during a holiday in Sri Lanka.
  • Mo Chaudry has been a well-known figure in Ibiza’s music promotion and clubbing world since 1998. His career included successful periods with Cream, Privilege and Space.
  • 53 year old Mo was taking a family holiday in Sri Lanka with the twin daughters he adored. The accident occurred on Thursday 12th, just two days before his intended return.
  • Family, friends, and the music industry pay tribute with accounts of commercial success and personal kindness.

Monday 16th January 2017: Nick Gibbs

Tragic Accident

Mo left for an extended holiday with his twin daughters in late December.

Keen to show the girls their cultural heritage, they first visited Pakistan before moving on to Hikkaduwa beach in South West Sri Lanka.

Scene of the tragedy, Hikkaduwa beach in Sri Lanka
Scene of the tragedy, Hikkaduwa beach in Sri Lanka

On the 8th of January Mo posted photographs to facebook in celebration of Kizzy and Leelou’s 11th Birthday.

Tragedy struck on Thursday the 12th of January.

Mo was swimming when a powerful wave swept him onto rocks rendering him unconscious.

It is not known how long he was underwater however nearby tourists had witnessed the incident and were able to pull him from the sea and alert the emergency services.

8th January Mo Posted “Happy Birthday to my Princesses”
8th January Mo Posted “Happy Birthday to my Princesses”

Speaking from Sri Lanka, Mo’s brother Shan Chaudry  said “when he was pulled out of the water, he was resuscitated, but it was no good. An ambulance took him to hospital but it was already too late”.

Mo’s daughters were on the beach and not witness to the accident.

Brothers Shan and Adnan travelled to Sri Lanka together with the twin’s mother Sandy, on Saturday.  They are currently working with the local authorities to deal with the formalities required in Sri Lanka.

As information started to filter through to Mo’s widespread network of friends and business associates in Ibiza, many people expressed their shock and disbelief on social media.

Tributes were also forthcoming with many people acknowledging Mo’s part in their own Ibiza story.

Our thoughts are with his family at this very difficult time.

  • The above details of the accident are issued with the agreement of Mo’s family. Information was provided by Mo’s brother Shan.

Mo Chaudry, Obituary

 “Mo Chaudry, you were a man I looked up to immensely on the Island we love. An extremely intelligent man, kind, strong, focused, full of wisdom and always a provider of great advise. You were such a valued nightlife guru of Ibiza, an innovator, pioneer, a sensational music promoter, a King of the Clubs who’s generous spirit touched the lives of so many people. A father figure to all those around you. Every time I saw you, you had such a mischievous glint in your eye, after each conversation we had, I left having listened to your limitless wisdom and wit, feeling inspired and with a big smile on my face and a chuckle in my belly. I respected you a great deal and was always so happy to spend time with you. Many a happy memory stood spectating gigs and commentating about the music scene which you were so passionately immersed. A maverick, independent minded, free thinker. An old school gentleman and also such a seriously cool dude! You will be missed.” Joe Buckle

The tribute paid by Joe Buckle above is one of many posted on social media as people come to terms with the sudden loss of a man who it seems was universally respected and admired among the Ibiza community in which he lived and music industry in which he worked.

Of all those tributes I selected this one as it has so many of the common themes that come up time after time as people pay their respects to Mo Chaudry.

Many praise his dynamic flair and innovation, an attribute which lead to considerable success in the tough business world of Ibiza clubland.

Many praise his willingness to listen, and his selfless interest in helping those looking to establish themselves.

Mo Chaudry—
Mo Chaudry—many things to many people; Left, a smiling face in clubland, centre, mentor & friend, right, family man & Liverpool fan. (left photo marc de groot)

Many talk of his wisdom, and of his wit.

Many people talk of him as a devoted father, of the Mo out of the spotlight including his passion for Liverpool  F.C.

Mo was all these things and more. Though his successful career lead him to walk among the A-list of the music world, he never took on anything of an elitist air.

Mo came from humble beginnings and carried with him a humility that found him friends wherever he went.

Mo Chaudry was, above all else, real.

In a world and industry that relies so much upon hype over substance, it is perhaps that genuine kindness of spirit that made him stand out as a special person. One that will be missed by us all.

Here we give a small insight to the scope of his life and work. I thank his friends and associates Ben King, Nick Ferguson and Dimitri de Wit for their assistance in compiling this information.     

From Pakistan to Liverpool

Mo’s family moved to the U.K. from Pakistan when he was still very young. His friend Ben King says Mo’s background as a child was very humble. “Mo had very little as a child. It makes it all the more impressive he achieved so much in his life.”

Mo lived with his 3 brothers and became a huge fan of Liverpool football club.

Soon after news of Mo’s accident his brother Adnan posted on Mo’s facebook page. “Pomi #YNWA You Never did and Never will Walk Alone. #Mo #Chaudry #Brother”

Mo attended John Moores University gaining a media degree before working for some time for the BBC and in social work.

Houseparty. Liverpool circa 1987 (by Billy Cox)
Houseparty. Liverpool circa 1987 (by Billy Cox)

Ibiza Years

Mo came to Ibiza in 1998, living with his pal Ben in ‘The Cream Villa’ as they started work to develop the Cream brand in Ibiza to the huge success story it  has remained almost 20 years on.

In 1999 Mo and Ben also took on Bugged Out Saturdays and the seed was set for the future pattern of Mo always looking for new promotion projects.

“He has done so much it is difficult to remember all the exact dates” Ben explained, “but I think it was about 2000 Mo left Cream and took over Renaissance at Amnesia, including the Kylie Minogue nights.”

“After a year or two he went over the road to Privilege where he was working with independent promoters, and then back to Cream must have been around 2003.”

Mo’s second stint with the Liverpool club found him with Nick Ferguson, now Cream boss in Ibiza, as his number two.

They lead what have been some of Ibiza’s most successful parties through the next 8 years.

Cream Team. At the Cream Villa in 1998

Miracle in Istanbul

Despite all the clubbing success, we have a hankering that Mo’s best night out on the town during the noughties may have been in Istanbul  on the 25th of May 2005 when he realised not only every football fans dream of seeing their team win the Champions league, but in doing so witnessed what many feel is one of the greatest games ever played.

Trailing 3-0 to AC Milan at half time, he watched his reds come back to score 3 in the second half and then win the game on penalties.

Non-football fans may wonder what place this video has in Mo’s obituary, however all those with the same passion for the game as Mo will know why it is here. #YNWA @ Istanbul

Tiesto, Space, & Much More

Mo worked with Nick on the huge nights that were Tiesto at Privilege for three years at the end of the decade, and then his itch found him leaving cream in 2010 to spend time at Space, then back to Privilege, and then returning to Space again promoting Mikaela Jav’s Onyx night in 2016.

There was plenty more going on in Mo’s world however. He opened the Mumak restaurant on Playa D’en Bossa beach around 2013, which he then sold in 2016.

He was also active in promoting events at Kanya, Coastline, and much more. He was never a man to sit still.

Always looking to the future, Mo was involved in the plans for the coming year’s ‘Rise Up Festival’ in Ibiza, something drawing more towards the spiritual side of his nature.

Space 2016. Promoting Onyx with Mikaela
Space 2016. Promoting Onyx with Mikaela


Despite his very busy professional life, Mo loved spending time with his twin girls. Though I had met Mo before several times, it was through his family that I had my first insight to the man behind the promoter.

I will close with this account as I feel that, without undervaluing his undeniable commercial success, it was this Mo that most touched people’s lives.

“Mo Chaudry taught me something. Quite some years ago I was playing rounders on Bossa beach with his two girls. I didn’t know they were his girls at the time, that only came to light later. Such lovely girls, real little sweethearts. I said to Mo, ‘you must be very proud of them’. He replied (words to the effect of), ‘I don’t like to think of it as proud, I wouldn’t say that to them, because I don’t want them to think they have to worry about whether I would be proud of who they want to be. I want them to be themselves and know I will love them just the same whoever they choose to be’.

I didn’t know him well at the time, but he put this ‘unconditional love’ thing over so well. I mean I think deep down he was proud, but I totally got what he was saying, the importance of your children knowing love comes without expectation, and that they should develop without the pressure of your approval.

I have never forgotten it, and have passed on that bit of wisdom several times since. If a friend says anything to me along the lines of disappointment in their child’s direction or application, chances are they will hear me say, ‘I know a bloke called Mo who has a different way of looking at it ….’


Mo with his twin daughters Kizzy and Leelou at his brother’s wedding in 2014
Mo with his twin daughters Kizzy and Leelou at his brother’s wedding in 2014

Mo Chaudry Tributes

AboveAndBeyond_16.01.13_NYC_F1-3mAbove & Beyond

“Mo was the first promoter we ever worked with in Ibiza and we’re still with Cream all these years later. He was a true professional with a big heart and a larger than life personality.

We will miss him, as will everyone who was lucky enough to know him or work with him. Our hearts go out to his family and especially his daughters.”


armin-van-buuren-1368382043-hero-wide-0Armin van Buuren

“Shocked about the news of the passing of good friend Mo Chaudry.

I will always cherish the memories with you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and Ibiza.

Still cant believe this…


David Lewis

(AVB’s Manager): “Lost a good friend and collegue in the music industry! Shall miss our talks on the island and Mo’s ambition and passion to promote what we love. Rest well matey”


“Words can’t express how shocked and saddened we are to hear the tragic news about our good friend Mo.  Another devastating loss of one of our own.  He was part of the Cream family from the early days in Liverpool and in ‘98 when we needed a leader to run our nights in Ibiza he was the obvious choice.  Through his natural charm, charisma and professionalism he helped build the brand and became a much loved character on the island…the island he fell in love with and would soon become his home.   Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to his beautiful young girls and family at this terribly sad time.”  Love from all at Cream xx

Nick Ferguson

(Manager of Cream Ibiza and number 2 to Mo until 2010) “So sad to hear about Mo. Myself and a lot of my friends have so much to be thankful to him for, as does Ibiza as a whole. Anyone that knew him will know It’s impossible to summarise him in a few words, his character and presence were that colossal. He was extremely wise, deep and caring. He was very loved and respected worldwide, and a great promoter who I learned my trade from. But above all he was a phenomenal, doting father and my heart goes out to his lovely girls and his great family.  RIP uncle Mo, Thanks for everything, and all those amazing memories, you will be greatly missed by everyone X

Dimitri de Wit & Alex Ryan

(ConnectIbiza) “With the loss of Mo Chaudry , our close personal friend and business partner since 2002 , a Great Man and an Ibiza Icon has departed to a higher spirit.

Mo has been an inspiration for us and driving force for the whole nightlife of Ibiza for years and years. Full of ideas and humour and always in a good mood. Mo…..mate…we hope you found your rest now, you will be terribly missed”

ferryFerry Corsten

“‘When this tragic news came to my ears, I didn’t know what to say.

So suddenly a true Ibiza rock, gentleman and friend was taken from us.

I wish all the best to his family in these hard times. A true loss for the Ibiza as we’ve always known it'”


judge-julesJudge Jules

“I first got to know Mo during his many years running Cream’s on-island operations at Amnesia.

Mo was always going to me more than a seasonal worker and it wasn’t long before Mo set up his home on the island, the place he loved. Mo’s nature was always easy going and positive.

He put huge energy into his work for Cream, Privilege and Space, running club nights at these world famous venues and making them a success by his sheer will.

It takes a special type of person, full of drive and charisma, to make Ibiza their home, win the respect of the locals and act as the driving force behind such giants of global club culture.

Mo was a tremendously loyal friend who had time for everyone. A highly intelligent guy who had so much more to offer Ibiza. RIP Mo.”

po_bwphotoPaul Oakenfold

“ I worked with Mo at all 3 clubs in Ibiza

….a great man all ways giving..

you will be missed my friend ..

my condolences to your lovely family xx”



pvdPaul Van Dyk

“Mo Chaudry was an incredibly kind and humble soul; words seem inadequate to express the sadness I feel about his passing. In 1999, Mo introduced me to Ibiza… it was my first time on the white island playing for Cream. He took the UK event brand concept and established it as one of Ibiza’s biggest dance nights; Mo was significantly responsible for its success due to a deep understanding and love for our music and scene. He treated every guest and DJ like a friend, making sure they had a great time and safe party.

I’ll be forever thankful to have met this amazing man and will be inspired by his passion and compassion. There are not enough people like Mo on this planet; another soul has left us and will be greatly missed.”

15940614_10150775898084957_3161576111135354424_nBen King

(Close friend) ”I’m totally heartbroken. Today I’ve lost a close friend and a brother Mo Chaudry. He was the first person I met in Ibiza nearly 20 years ago. We shared a room together at the Cream Ibiza villa for our first ever season on the island and had some of the most amazing experiences. Over that time we forged a strong friendship and Mo was always the life and soul of the party. However he was always the person to go to when you needed a wise word. In fact one of his famous quotes was ‘A word to the wise’. But more than anything he was an incredible father. His girls were his life and soul and whenever I called him he was either taking them horse riding, climbing or dancing. I’ll never forget our special times partying on the Space terrace or laughing and joking whilst working at Amnesia together. Our favourite song way back in 1998 was ‘Music Sounds Better with You’ and it always did when he was in the room. Until the next dance my brother. X”

Mo, as many of us will remember him. R.I.P.
Mo, as many of us will remember him.

Mo Chaudry, 10th December 1963 to 12th January 2017, Rest in Peace.

Nicholas Gibbs
Editor of The Ibizan - previously, and for many people eternally, known as The Ibiza Sun.