New Ibiza Restrictions Incoming & Covid “Runs Amok” in San Antonio with 280% Increase

Latest Statistics show that San Antonio has become the municipality with the highest infection rate of the entire Balearics. 

The Switching Hour: Ibiza Curfew Now Starts at Midnight, But Ibiza Town is 10pm

The Balearic Government has yielded to pressure from its citizens and the hospitality industry and will apply the curfew in the Balearic Islands one hour later than initially planned.

Police Intervention at Ibiza Private Parties & Commercial Venues Sanctioned

A roll up article of the latest police sanctions at commercial premises, and reports of police intervention at private parties

Breaking: Balearic Islands Curfew Confirmed As 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. with Immediate Effect

Balearic President Francina Armengol confirmed that the Balearics will go into an immediate curfew of 11pm to 6am. This follows the announcement of a curfew under new state of alarm provisions by central Government earlier today. The President also asked for forgiveness regarding her being in a bar at 2a.m.

Breaking: Spanish National State of Alarm Approved (provisionally) 11pm-6am Curfew Until April Planned

Regions may change the hours of the curfew forward or back by one hour, but they cannot remove it altogether.

Ibiza and the Balearics Covid-19 Weekly Newsreel: New 6 Person Limited for Social Gatherings,...

Latest Statistics. Details of 6 Person Rule. national Lockdown Considered. Spain Numbers Surge.

Police Have ‘Lost’ The Paperwork for President Armengol’s Late Night Drinking Sanction

in a further twist to the tale officials announced that they had lost the paperwork prepared by the police at the scene that detailed the infractions made by the bar in breaking the curfew regulations

One Law For Us, Another Law for Balearic President Francina Armengol, who is alleged...

When the agents notified the owner that they were sealing the premises and that they were drawing up a sanction against him, the owner responded, in the presence of the president, that he “did not dare to close the bar with the president of the Government inside”

“Outrageous & Ridiculous”, Nobody Knows What is Discharged from 53 Drains Pumping Effluent into...

More than a hundred drains and pipelines, many of them of unknown origin, discharge into San Antonio Bay

Turtle Scoop! 26 Ibizan Turtles Released into the Sea

We all love some good news right now, and so in our Covid-centric world we are delighted to share the wonderful conclusion to a story many of our readers will have been following since the summer of last year.

Man Commits Suicide 5 Hours After Police Assault. Investigation Launched.

The police say that the two events are not connected and that the man has a history of suicidal behaviour. 

Sacked for Being “Too Old to Serve Ibiza’s Beautiful People”, 61 Year Old Barman...

Sacked for Being "Too Old to Serve Ibiza's Beautiful People", 61 Year Old Barman Wins Unfair Dismissal Case.

The Ibiza Food Bank, The 1,500€ Council Fine, The Good Samaritan, The Legal Fight,...

The Ibiza Food Bank, The 1,500€ Council Fine, The Good Samaritan, The Legal Fight, A Man Called Cristóbal, and How to Get Involved.

Tourist Policy U-Turn Shambles over San An & Ibiza Town Local Lockdowns

After stating that tourists would be exempted from the rules, a later press conference said they would be subject to the same restrictions as the locals.

Provisional San Antonio Lockdown Restrictions Explained

The Mayor of San Antonio, Marcos Serra Colomar, has announced provisional details of the San Antonio Local Lockdown coming into effect this...

San Antonio & Ibiza Town go into Local Lockdown* from Friday 18th September

Armengol today confirmed that, following the first announced local lockdowns of four neighbourhoods in Palma, Mallorca, a series of enhanced security measures would now be introduced in San Antonio and Ibiza Town. 

Balearic Government Decide Not To Do Anything, Yet.

There has been talk of returning to a level one lockdown at local municipality level, night time curfews and more. But as it turns out the Government have decided not to do anything new, at least for the time being. 

Opinion: Will parents be sent to prison if they do not send their children...

You won't be going to prison, whatever your decision re school, but our children are all going to suffer, of that there is little doubt. 

Ibiza DJ’s Double Life as Head of International Ketamine & MDMA Operation

An international operation involving Police from Spain and the U.S.A. Department of Homeland Security, has made a series of arrests busting a drug dealing operation wide open. 

23 Year Old Irish Woman Found Dead in Ibiza Hotel Room

The young woman was found by her friends in her room at the Ibiza Rocks hotel in San Antonio on Thursday. 


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