Illegal street sellers detained in Ibiza

Illegal Street Sellers Detained

Eighteen illegal street sellers were detained in San Antonio when police carried out an operation against illegal street trading in the Arenal beach area of the town. They confiscated sun glasses and other products which were being sold and cited the sellers for not having the municipal licenses to trade in the street

The Postcard Man Dies

Photographer Josep Maria Subirà (Barcelona, 1930-2014) died this week. He had lived on the island since 1957 and was world famous for his photography of the island through which he captured the local life, landscapes, seascapes and history. His series of 600 images for postcards of the island gave Ibiza a high profile world wide as the tourist boom started.

More Dolphins Dying

When compared to last spring, in the first three months of this year the number of dead dolphins washed ashore on our coasts has increased from 1 to 11. Experts are saying that this increase is a natural variation and has nothing to do with the rumours on the social networks that the oil exploration has started already without us knowing and is causing this phenomena.22nd

Bus Drivers Get The Ticket!

After twenty different negotiation meetings, the unions representing the coach drivers throughout the Baleares have finally agreed a “deal” over wages and working conditions. This important sector within our tourist industry has agreed to a 28€ wage rise with, afterwards, a 1% annual rise over the next 5 years. Also there will be voluntary flexibility in the working conditions and length of working day in the winter months to compensate for the pressures of the summer. The fact that the agreement has been made for five years was welcomed as it brings stability to the industry.

racist woman in Ibiza

Racist Woman

After being caught on camera making racist gestures at a Spanish second division game on Sunday between Llagostera and Racing Santander, a woman has found herself barred from the stadium for life and lost her job. Video clearly shows the Llangostera fan making monkey gestures at Mamadou Koné, an Ivory Coast player playing for Racing Santander.

With the images spreading immediately via social networks, the president of Llangostera Isabel Tarragó barred the woman from ever returning to the club. A club statement issued on twitter read “This club condemns any kind of racist attitude and we want to apologize to anyone who felt hurt by this spectator’s gestures” The heads of the club have also identified the woman and reported the case to the Regional police.

It did not stop there, the woman in question worked as a ticket clerk at the Barcelona Soccer Museum and following the incident they have decided to dismiss her on the grounds of a 2010 code of ethics sanctioning that any ‘discrimination based on gender, race, colour, nationality, belief, religion, political opinion, state, sexual orientation, disability or any other personal circumstance protected by law’ will not be tolerated. Koné’s response to the incident after the game was:

“as for that lady, it is best not to say anything, her own behaviour says it all.”

Barcelona are particularly sensitive to any kind of racism due to the recent incident where a Banana was thrown at Brazilian player Dani Alves at the game against Villareal.

Teacher On Hunger Strike

Jaume Sastre, a member of the teachers consultative committee discussing the implementation of teaching in the languages of Castillian Spanish, Catalan and English in local schools, has gone on hunger strike. In response, the Minister of Education of the Balearic Government, Núria Riera, insisted that her administration had never stopped negotiating with the teachers represenatives on how to implant the system of educating youngsters in three languages and that the teachers should give it a chance. Jaume Sastre from Mallorca has been on hunger strike for ten days and is supported by the teachers collective. He wants to hold direct conversations with President Bauzá of the Balearic Government about teaching in three languages. Later in the week there was a silent protest by the teachers to support their stance against the Education committee proposals and some schools in Mallorca are striking for one day later this week in support of Jaume Sastre.

Sex Education

The school curriculum is being changed to introduce to teenagers lessons on sexual hygiene, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and different sexual orientations. There will also be a study within the classrooms of the physical and psychological problems of adolescence as well as systems of artificial insemination and “test tube babies”.

Cancer Surgeries In Formentera

With two surgeries being held this month, for the first time cancer sufferers on Formentera can now receive medical care at the hospital on the island rather than have to travel to Ibiza. Though this much needed service is just beginning, it is expected to increase in scope and frequency over the coming months.

40,000 Apartments Rented Illegally

It is claimed by the authorities and APTUR ,the association representing holiday apartments, that there are 40,000 apartments being rented illegally to holiday makers this year throughout the Baleares. Operating outside the 2012 Balearic Tourist law, demand for these apartments appears to be on the increase with lots being commercialised on the web. The fines for this type of renting can reach to 400,000€ and it is even illegal to offer cleaning services in such properties!

Last year, in Ibiza alone, 1370 properties started the process of legalisation for use as tourist accomiodation. Reportedly, of these only 177 have actually obtained the permissions needed.

In another report it was revealed that the renting of villas and chalets legally licensed for tourist use is booming in Ibiza with an increase of reserves reaching 35% on last year.

Old Government Building To Be Knocked Down

Classed as being a danger to the passengers waiting for buses in central Ibiza and for the pedestrians passing by, the derelict Central Government building in Ibiza Town is to be knocked down as soon as possible. The authorities will start the demolition work when they receive the permission, even if it is in the height of summer. This unusual and urgent decision has been made because seemingly the public danger represented by the building on the Avenida Isidoro Machabich outweighs the negative effects of carrying out the work during the tourist season.

30 Family Homes To Be Allowed At Benirrás

The environmental authorities have given the go ahead so that the Sant Joan Council can change their planning laws and allow thirty “family” homes to be built in the environmentally protected Benirrás area. As long as the house are only two storeys and are not used for tourist exploitation, it appears that the authorities believe their construction will not damage the beautiful environment in this area.

Abandoned Vehicles Removed

Fourteen cars and a motorcycle were towed away by the authorities in the early hours of the morning after police identified them as being abandoned in the Es Pratet area of Ibiza Town. The owners will now be located and sanctioned.

Four Times Over The Limit

A drunk driver tried to drive off after being involved in an accident with a motorcycle in the early hours of the morning in Ibiza Town. The police managed to apprehend the driver and found he was four times over the alcohol limit.

Pensioner Killed On Crossing

A eighty-four year old pensioner was killed when she was hit by a car whilst apparently crossing the Santa Gertrudis to San Miguel road. Though the woman used a zebra crossing, it is thought that the traffic lights were at red to stop pedestrians crossing when she decided to cross. The car seemingly could do nothing to avoid the woman who received serious head injuries. The emergency services tried to revive her for over an hour before she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Two Hurt In Crash On Santa Eulalia Road

A local woman and a man were both injured needing hospital treatment when their cars collided on the Santa Eulalia road near the go kart track. The accident happened at 9am when the road is full of traffic commuting between Ibiza Town and Santa Eulalia.

Police In Bar Stool Brawl

An off duty Guardia Civil officer allegedly hit another off duty officer over the head with a bar stool in a late night bar in San Antonio this week. Reasons for the fight, in which the victim was badly injured, are not known. Police called to the scene had to use force to stop the aggression and also detained a second officer who was with the officer who supposedly started the fight. A full investigation is now underway.

Drug Labs In Formentera

Eleven men and three women, many of South American origin, were arrested in Formentera when a police operation discovered two illegal drug making labs located on the island. Apparently selling the drugs from houses and apartments in many tourist and residential areas around the island, the gang used the labs to “cut” cocaine and to make “MDMA pills” for sale. They also dealt heroin in smaller quantities.

Dutch Drug Smugglers Caught

Two young Dutch men were arrested at Denia port for trying to smuggle 54,000 extasis tablets to Ibiza. Protected in twenty-one separate plastic bags, the police located the drugs in the fuel tank of the car the men were driving as they boarded the ferry.