Thieves took advantage of the elderly owner’s absence between the hours of 7pm on the 31st December and 1am on the 1st January stealing jewellery and cash estimated between €13-17,000.

The house, Can Jaume Pere, is situated between ses Bardetes and the mills of Sa Miranda near Sant Francesc Xavier, Formentera. On the evening in question, the female owner, a lady more than 70 years old had gone to spend New Years Eve with her family and returned to find her home ransacked.

Burglars had forced entry to the house and stole jewellery that the owner had collected over many years with an estimated value of between €12-15,000 and €2,000 in cash. 

One of the daughters, on behalf of the family, told the Diario de Ibiza what happened “We were robbed on December 31, we do not know exactly what time, my mother closed the door and left about 7pm in the evening, and returned after the grapes, at 1am.” When she arrived, she found “the shattered door, everything had been searched, the cupboards, the sideboards had been emptied … they took a chocolate nougat and a pack of firecrackers from a grandson,” said the daughter, visibly affected.

“My mother had gold jewellery, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings with diamonds, emeralds and precious stones, black coral … what we estimate at about 12 or 15,000 euros”, she explained. Antique pieces were also taken, such as a cross from an entrepreneur and a collection of old coins: “Grandma had bought them in the Republic, hard silver of Amadeo and Alfonso XIII”.

Guardia Civil are in charge of the investigation to find the perpetrators of the robbery.