Briton, 18 yrs, Arrives Drunk, Kicks Cars, Straight into Jail

An 18 year old British tourist has set a new bar in becoming the worst kind of idiot in the shortest possible time.

According to a report by San José police, the young man was arrested on the road just outside Ibiza airport in a heavily intoxicated state.

He had only just arrived in Ibiza and was carrying his suitcase along the shoulder of the road leading from the airport to Sa Caleta.

According to the statement of witnesses the man was attempting to stop traffic, and kicking the cars as they slowed to pass him.

He also hurled an object at the back window of one vehicle, smashing the glass out.

He was with one other young man, whom the Police statement said was also heavily intoxicated, but did not indicate he was involved in the crimes.

Editors comment.

FFS. Cases like this don’t really help us on the ‘turismofobia’ front do they? Supposition –  they couldn’t get a taxi, or were in such a state one wouldn’t take them? No excuse anyway. But let us remember that out of just under 1 million visitors, by far Ibiza’s biggest market of tourism, the vast majority of British visitors are very well behaved.