Sunday 20th May saw new ITV law come into effect

Not all the new modifications to the ITV will be effective immediately, the new checks will be applied gradually and will not mean an increase in the cost of the ITV itself.

Part of the objective of amending the ITV is to align it with European Union guidelines as well as checking more elements of the vehicle and the greater detection of possible fraud.


Car manufacturers are capable of providing misleading data when it comes to emissions, because of this, a new diagnostic system is connected to the cars on board computer to detect possible traps.

In the case of poor emissions, results will not be binding until 10th September, after that date an error in the reading will mean a serious fault.


The diagnostic system will also be checking the cars electronic components, it is estimated that a modern car has 100 electronic control units and 1000’s of components. Systems such as ABS, ESP, airbags, pre-tensioners, lighting and indicators will be checked to guarantee the safety of the vehicle.

Greater Flexibility

Drivers have the option of using a ‘grace period’ of up to a month after the renewal date to attend the inspection while still maintaining the original renewal date. Similarly, if the vehicle does not pass, the driver will be able to attend a different ITV centre throughout the national territory within a month and without additional expense.

Imported And Historic Vehicles

In the case of cars purchased in other EU countries, it will no longer be necessary to carry out an inspection in Spain as a step prior to their registration. The new ITV will validate certificates from other member states and the check will consist of verification of the documentation.

Drivers can request historical registration for cars over 30 years from initial registration, previously a vehicle could be registered historic after only 25. Historic vehicle ITV’s entail special conditions at the time of inspection and tax reductions.

Another new feature will affect rental vehicles, which must be reviewed every four years instead of every two.

Ibiza ITV Testing Station Four Month Delay, (Target set in June was 2 Weeks)

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