Iberia add Ibiza to Madrid winter route plus 43% more seats on their Madrid to Manchester service.

In researching the Iberia option we come across some strangely cheap Ibiza to Manchester winter flights – 100€ return!

Those living in the South of the UK have enjoyed all year direct flights to and from Ibiza for several years. BA’s daily service into London City airport is much loved by many of us, but it is of no help to those living in the North. 

The reality is that a two-plane journey from Ibiza via Madrid or Barcelona is still a more attractive prospect than direct to London City and getting across London for a Train, or God forbid, a coach. 

Well, we can’t bring you wonderful news of a direct winter service up North, but Iberia’s new winter daily service from Ibiza to Madrid combined with their all year increase in service to Manchester, may at least make it a little easier.   

We were able to book return flights for the 1st to 8th of December for 233€ including a hold suitcase. It appeared to be a single ticket connecting flight but we couldn’t go far enough in the booking process to be 100% sure. A single connecting ticket makes life a whole lot more civilised in not having to go through baggage reclaim to get your cases and check them in again for the second leg during your stopover. It also means the airline has responsibility for you if you miss the second flight due to a delay on the first. Many people get caught out in the situation, mistakenly believing they have purchased one ticket with a stop in the middle. If you have two separate tickets and a delay on the first flight causes you to miss your second, it is just tough luck and you’ll have to pay for another flight – even if with the same airline (though the better ones may give you a discretionary free flight on). 

We obtained the 233€ price directly on the Iberia website. When comparing it to the wider market on Google and Skyscanner, we came across what seem to be some pretty amazing prices with Vueling.

The majority of return fares Ibiza to Manchester without luggage were coming up between 200€ and 360€. That includes flights with Air Europa, British Airways, Air France, Iberia and several others. All much of a muchness. 

However Vueling must be working hard to overcome some of their P.R. disasters in recent times as they are offering flights for literally half the next cheapest. 

Ibiza to Manchester 27th November, returning 12th December, 109€ Return. 

And it isn’t a one off. There are cheap returns with Vueling all through winter. 

Another booking for 1st Feb comes in even cheaper at 100€ return. 

Of course there is is no way that Winter flights will even be as cheap as some of the low season tourist flights, but for December and January they are a real bargain.