The president of Ibiza Consell and mayors of all municipalities meet to discuss the health situation. New restrictions are to be announced. 

Latest Statistics show that San Antonio has become the municipality with the highest infection rate of the entire Balearics. 

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The Mayors of ibiza have met with the president of Ibiza Consell to discuss the state of the health crisis on the island and what steps can be taken to avert a further decline in a situation that is already being described by health officials as ‘critical’. 

There is a strong feeling that new restrictions will be made island wide. Marcos Serra, mayor for San Antonio said that it is meaningless for restrictions to be implemented on small areas of ibiza as on an island of our size, if restrictions are imposed in one municipality people simply move to the next. 

Pilar Costa, Regional Minister for the Presidency, Culture and Equality, will evaluate the situation Thursday at 1:00 p.m. and announce the new measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic.


Over the past week San Antonio has had a surge in its infection levels. The West Ibiza municipality has now overtaken Ibiza Town to show the highest incidence rate of Covid in the Balearics. The increase of 280% from 95 per 100,000 to 361 per 100,000 is described by health officials as ‘alarming’.

Formentera has had a remarkable turnaround, improving from 122 to 49.5 per 100,000.

San Jose and San Juan has experienced slight increases, but have faired well compared to the other boroughs. 

Below are the latest figures – it should be notes that the objective of the latest curfew measures is to achieve a rate of 25 per 100,000

Highest Incidence rates per 100,000 28th October
Ibiza Town 319
San Antonio 361
Santa Eulalia 199
Lowest Incidence rate per 100,000  
Formentera 49.5


Santa Eulalia have confirmed the first fines issued for breaking the new curfew. Five people were fined for drinking on the terrace of a bar that was already closed at 12.15pm in San Carlos.

Editor’s Note:

It may not account for all of the 280% increase in the infection rate in San Antonio, but we should be mindful that a Government initiative was to take a testing vehicle into the town and actively encourage people to get tested. This was undertaken in both San An and Ibiza Town, the two areas with higher rates of infection, this was not undertaken in any of the boroughs that have faired well this week. It seems reasonable to assume that those considering themselves at greater risk would come forward to get tested and so therefore  common-sense to say more testing in any area will be reflected with a higher rate of known infections. As with any single set of statistics, these numbers, though alarming, may not give a balanced overall picture.