The proliferation of personal electric conveyances, bikes, scooters and the like, is growing very quickly throughout the world. 

Spain has confirmed tough new laws to deal with the explosion in popularity. 

The laws cover where these electric scooters can be used, and expectations on their use such as limits on drink driving, mobile phones and more.  Fines are up to 1,000 euros

The Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) has issued a new instruction with the objective of clarifying to users, local councils and local police the regulations regarding personal mobility vehicles (VPMs in Spain).

This guidelines are given in advance of the regulations coming together in a new statute.

Alcohol & Drugs

According to the DGT, the user of an electric scooter or any personal mobility vehicle whose speed is greater than 6 kilometers per hour but does not exceed 25, could be sanctioned with fines between 500€ and 1,000€ for driving under the influence of alcohol. 

VPM drivers are also required to undergo alcohol and drug tests and, if they refuse, they will be reported as an administrative infraction. If, in addition, the driver tested positive for drugs could immobilize the vehicle.

Neither mobile nor headphones

It is forbidden to use the mobile phone or any other communication system and to drive  when wearing headphones. Breaking this regulation will incur a fine of 200€


There is no national law proposed for the wearing of helmets. This will be a decision taken by local councils. If they decide to introduce a helmet law it would allow them to charge a 200€ fine if users break the law.

Also, all VPMs are prohibited from traveling on pavements and pedestrian areas – we would take this to include paseos, however there is no clarification in the report of whether or not electric cycles and scooters could be used on cycle lanes, some of which traverse pedestrian areas, including the length of the paseo in San Antonio for example. 

The vehicles may only be used by one person. In case of more occupants, the penalty would be 100 euros.

Lights or reflective materials or garments (the document does say ‘or’ not ‘and’) must be used at night. If not users incur a penalty of 100€


Though the VPMs can only be driven on the road, it is up to local authorities to decide whether they can be parked on pavements.

Parental Responsibility

If the person caught breaking the law is under 18, their parent or guardian will be jointly liable for the penalty incurred.