• National Police Make 56 Arrests in Child Pornography Operation
  • Four arrested in the Balearic Islands in an operation against child pornography

10/11/16 Nick Gibbs

Agents of the National Police have made a major breakthrough in the fight against child pornography in Spain. As a result of their operation 56 men have been arrested, four of them in the Balearic Islands, most between the ages of 40 and 60, for distributing images of abuse described by the police as being of ‘extreme gravity’ and very young children.

The agents raided numerous homes, seizing home computers, 173 hard drives and 614 compact discs and DVD’s

The arrests have been made in the provinces of Madrid (11), Barcelona (8), Baleares (4), Valencia (3), Zaragoza (3), Alicante (3), La Rioja (2), Cantabria Almeria (1), Burgos (1), Murcia (1), Teruel (1), A Coruña (1), Pontevedra (1), Lleida (1), Girona (1), Guipúzcoa (1), Ciudad Real (1), Sevilla (1), Málaga (1), City of Madrid (1), Cádiz (1), Vizcaya (1), Leon (1), Valladolid 1).

According to the National Police, the arrested people shared the pornography using P2P, Peer to Peer networks, commonplace in the exchange of information among paedophiles.

The investigation has been in progress for a year and a half. In early 2015 agents began tracking a P2P network to identify users who might be distributing child pornographic material.

Once the network was infilitrated, the researchers carried out an analysis of the information generated and were able to identify 73 paedophile abusers located in Spain. It was also discovered that some of those under investigation had previous arrests for similar crimes.

In the operation, more than 150 police officers have been assigned to the technological crime investigation groups of different territorial units of the Judicial Police, in addition to the members of the Group for the Protection of Minors of the Central Brigade of Technological Research.

Following the arrests, investigators continue to conduct a thorough examination of the vast amount of computer equipment involved in determining the possible existence of crimes of sexual abuse of minors by any of those involved – in addition to the offense of producing and distributing paedophile material.