7189344397_7fb6d156fc_bIt’s that time of year when the mega yachts of the rich and famous descend on Ibiza and Formentera. We’ve already spotted Roman Abramovich’s yacht ‘The Eclipse’, Roberto Cavalli’s ‘RC’ and Georgio Armani’s ‘Main’, but a new mystery mega yacht has appeared just today which dwarfs the rest by a figure of 5.76 to 1.


Little is known about the vessel, but we managed to speak with Pedro Wang from the ‘Yacht is going on?’ Facebook group to see if he could shed some light. “We’re not sure who the owner is, but rumours are that it may well be a tribal elder from the Boga Boga tribe in Papau New Guinea who made his fortune in ceramics.”


The yacht is called the Balearia and rumours abound that the inside is the ultimate in luxury. The yacht has almost 300 chairs, 8 bars and 9 toilets set with 200 tons of imported rhinestone and diamonte. Paparazzi have reported spotting Bono with a mystery blonde, whom they believe is Owen Wilson, reclining on the decking area at the rear of the vessel.