We love these public art works, Ibiza murals by Jerom, Aída Miró and Twoflü.

  • Words Nick Gibbs, Installation Photos supplied by Ajuntament d’Eivissa, Examples of Jerom’s work and Aida’s Work in Progress photos from their facebook. All copyright the respective artists. 

The murals are on the walls of the sports tracks at sa bodega on calle Canarias in Ibiza Town. They were presented today by the Ibiza Town Ajuntament.

The three portraits of women are from different cultures and ages, however they share a common strength of identity that, to my eye at least, has a particularly Ibizan sense about it. That could be in part due to the clever device of a common background design style and colour palette, but you could imagine all three of these women being indigenous to Ibiza at some point in its long and ethnically diverse history.


Jerom will be well known to anybody with even a passing interest in the Ibiza art scene. His awesome use of the spray can is a rare talent that takes his work to a point some way past photo realistic into some augmented and enhanced alternative dimension.

murals by jerom

For his mural, of a 92 year old native Formenteran woman Catalina Juan Juan*, his composition and the conveyance of personality are exemplary as ever. The best praise I can give Jerom is that he is so good you expect this standard from him.

*Here is a nice little update; one of the artists, Aída Miró, has been in touch to tell us that Catalina is actually her grandmother.  Lovely stuff.

Jerom’s work often comes with a real social conscience, and yet he can also convey so-damn-sexy in a way that it won’t make you question your own.

100% original Ibicenco material, Jerom was plying his craft as a graffiti artist since the 90s, going pro in 2008.

Connect with Jerom on Facebook here facebook.com/jerom.ibiza

Aída Miró

Aída Miró is a name new to me, so I cannot say if there is any family connection to the celebrated Catalan painter, sculptor, and ceramicist, Joan Miró, though I imagine rarely a day goes by without somebody asking Aída the question – so I won’t, as she must get fed up with it and it surely doesn’t really matter beyond anecdotal reference.

Again Aida’s mural is completed with spray can witchcraft, though some beautiful and intricate studies of geishas on her facebook page indicates that aerosols are not her only medium.

We also found these work-in-progress images of Aida and Jerom on her facebook page – interesting to see the magic at the outset/drafting stage. Also Aida’s own image of her mural as the photo sent by the Town Hall is part obscured in shadow.

Connect with Aida on facebook here facebook.com/aidamiroart


Twoflü, (also going by 2flu and 2-flu) is the artist behind the 3rd mural of the child.

2flu also painted the concentric circle backgrounds on all three murals. Have you spotted it yet? At first glance the gold, purple, white and black rings appear to be a decorative pattern, but look closer and you will see it is actually text. You can make out the Ibiza ring quite clearly, but the rest may need an up close and personal visit, or at least better eyes than mine. I’m not sure if the rest has any textual meaning, or is simply using calligraphy as a decorative medium. Either way it is very effective.

Connect with 2flu on instagram at instagram.com/twoflu

Thank You

Congratulations to Aída Miró, Jerom and 2-flu, superb work. Thank you for your contribution to Island life.