This review of Mint Lounge was first published October 2015.

The specific menus will have changed, but the pricing, quality and perhaps most importantly chef, are still the same. 

Menu del Dia at Mint Lounge is part of what October is all about for residents. They close on the 31st, so don’t hang about.

The menu del dia is available 12noon to 4pm. It is fantastic value but do not overlook the full menu, as aside from anything else you’ll miss out on the world’s best cheesecake – you can read our review here mint_review_june_2016.

Note: Mint’s opening times are now 12noon to 11pm. 

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  • Nick Gibbs

Mint Menu Del Dia

Never yet has the ridiculously good value menu—13.50€ for three courses—failed to live up to expectation, and nor did it today.  But this isn’t one to put on the wish list—you only have until October 31st to get along before the shutters come down. The menu changes weekly, so depending when you read this that’s 2 or 3 menus left. Be kind to yourself, try them all, it’s been a long hard summer and you’ve earned it.


On a chilly autumn day you could be forgiven in choosing the tomato and basil soup as a starter, forget that smooth style Heinz has corrupted you with, Mint’s version is rich with chunky tomatoes perfectly balanced with the basil and rustic crusty bread.


The Greek is a very special dish. Really one of the tastiest starters I can recall in any setting let alone a fixed price menu. A plate of mozzarella spheres on a base of black olive tapenade, cucumber and cherry tomatoes served with a Tzatziki style side dressing. Everything was incredibly fresh and the flavours worked effortlessly together, particularly with the occasional overtone of fresh mint through the yogurt dressing.

Our third starter was so simple, yet done so superbly well it again far exceeded set menu expectations. The scrambled egg with mushroom and ham. The earthiness of the mushrooms worked well within the eggs which were laced with cream making the ‘melt in the mouth’ texture and taste simply divine. Served with toasted rustic bread drizzled with Olive oil and a few cherry tomatoes.

Main Course

The chicken with Ibicenco potatoes; chicken beautifully cooked in thyme and oven cooked potatoes with a subtle rosemary flavour, a winning combination and perfect Autumnal plate.


The fish of the day was John Dory, simply off the scale, which is ironic because the piel is part of the perfection that has eluded many a gastro-nonsense setting on my travels.  Chef told me the very simple trick—but just not fair of me to dish the fish secret—or I might loose school gate privileges., delectable; so fresh and extremely light but  so , so, full of flavour. Served with those Ibicenco potatoes and their hint of rosemary made for another great dish.

The Vegetable Pasta was a giant penne pasta served a touch al dente (just how I like it), with a mix of roasted/sautéed Mediterranean vegetables. The yellow peppers and soft red onion gave the dish a certain sweetness; combined with the slight crunch and vibrancy of the courgettes, red peppers and aubergine –always a beautiful match.


Applicable to all the starters and mains the portions were big. Even the heartiest of appetites is unlikely to be looking for a comfort pudding after your main course, the yogurt ice cream topped with a red berry sauce was a perfect, light, and palette cleansing end to our lunch.


Plus of course a couple of shots of espresso to get back up and at it. We’ve a paper to finish.

Superb, but how they do this level of superb for the price is beyond me. Don’t question it, just enjoy it.