Mint Menu Del Dia

You may realise from reading last week’s issue of The Ibizan that we quite like Mint Lounge’s 13.50 euro meal deal. When we sampled the menu last week, we were a little surprised that we had the option of John Dory, which is pretty much the most expensive fish on the market. If you had the same meal at one of those beach restaurants in Formentera, you’d be lucky to walk out with change from the month’s rent. Fair enough, they’re on the coast with a glorious view of the sea and sunset and so can get away with charging megabucks, right? But then Mint is also on the coast, and the music is better, and the service is better, and the sunset is better when the weather plays nice. And just as a reminder, it’s 13.50 euros.

Anyway, I digress. Enough whinging about over-priced fish places. It’s Monday and we’re excited because Mint Lounge not only have the best menu in town, but they change it every week, and today is the day to find out what delights will tickle the taste buds for the next 7 days.

As per usual there’s a choice of 5 starters and 5 mains with the dessert of the day to polish things off.  We have a choice of ‘In Ovis Apalis’ (a Roman egg salad), salt cod salad, cream of leeks, bolognaise croquettes or a bruschetta for starters. We plump for:



Shredded Catalan salt cod salad

As you can see from the pic, this looks amazing and the flavours do not disappoint. The cod is more delicate than you would expect and the salt is not overpowering. Further textures and tastes are supplied by peppers, capers, olives and a wonderful lump of red jelly stuff. The red jelly is sensational—sweet and punchy—and compliments the fish beautifully. I’ve never come across this before and am pleased to find out the lump is datterini tomato marmalade.  How they make it is another question though.

Cream of leeks with crispy ham and Parmesan

This is basically a soup, but oh so creamy and perfectly seasoned. The crispy ham provides a salty balance to the cream and the crispy parmesan provides the savoury touch. You must mix all 3 together to get the flavours dancing on your tongue. The only thing this needs in my opinion is some bread to wipe the bowl clean, but then I am a greedy git.


So onto the mains and we have the options of Fagotinis pasta filled with prosciutto, salmon brochettes, pizza fagotini, asparagus risotto or grilled skirt steak. We plump for:

Main Course


Salmon broschettes over a red salad

Broschette is a flash word for skewer, and it’s warranted as the salmon is beautifully cooked—flakey and tender. The dish is accompanied with red leaves, tomatoes and a generous helping of pomegranates. I have to respect any chef that can go through the painstaking effort of extracting the seeds, just for that extra bit of flavour.

Rolled asparagus risotto presented like sushi

Some say that good looking food tastes better, this looks great and tastes better than it looks. Risotto can go wrong so easily, but this is perfect. The asparagus adds texture and an earthiness to the dish and the little green crisps are delicate and subtle.


We polish the menu off with a spectacular ‘After Eight’ ice cream which consists of a mint base with chunks of chocolate and a chocolate sauce drizzled all over. And of course a coffee, which is as good as you may expect in an Italian eaterie.

I never thought I would say this, but for the first time in my life I’m actually looking forward to next Monday.