mintMint Lounge Bar has established itself as a firm favourite on the Sunset Strip. You’ll find it next door to Mambo and for the summer months it offers all day service from Breakfasts to Pastas to it’s famed Pizzas at prices that belie it’s prime position.

Mint has also become something of the local’s choice on the strip—always the first of the year to open and last to close. Manager Johnny Flipflop is well known locally and one of the reasons Mint is the default choice for many Brits on the Strip, but all Ibiza residents can take advantage of Mint’s great discounts.

Daytime until 5pm Residents enjoy a 20% discount on all food and drink excluding the already great value menu del dia, and as the sun goes down you can afford to down a cocktail or three with a whopping 50% discount. The 50% discount applies to many other drinks too with 20% off your bill on any food, premium drinks and bottles throughout the

That means just 6€ for a Mojito, Caipirinha or any of many other cocktail choices—you’ll be left so happy you will probably fancy sex on the beach, and why not, at 6€ you may as well fill your boots.

Mint is immediately next door to Mambo and has all of their music, pre-parties etc piped through—though Watford fan Johnny switches over to football on the screens when

Mint have a great reputation for their Pizzas which start at 12.50€ (10€ with your discount) and have some really inventive options to tickle your tastebuds. We love the Pear, Gorgonzola, Cherry Tomato and Basil (bottom left), but if you have an old school approach to dealing with the morning after a big night out the home made hamburger is hard to beat.

mint-pear-gorgonzola-cherry-appleThe menu del dia is a winner every time and at 15€, remembering where you are – right on the sunset strip, the price just can’t be beat … and yet it can! From October 1st the deals get even better with the menu coming down to 12.50€ and other great offers we’ll bring you nearer the time. For now lets’ just be happy that someone on the strip is looking after the locals all summer long.