Pump Up the Volume! Mayor’s Flat Tyre Ends Illegal Ibiza Rave

  • On Sunday 4th September the Local Police of San Jose intervened to stop an illegal party in a house located in Benimussa, where more than 200 people had gathered.
  • Police alerted by San Jose mayor, Josep Marí Ribas, who spotted revellers arriving while he was changing a flat tyre.
  • Partygoers say they paid for entry, but pressured into not making complaints.

The incident occurred around 9.45 am on Sunday. Mayor Marí Ribas was travelling along a road in Benimussa and suffered a flat tyre. Whilst changing the wheel he noticed many people arriving at an adjacent property. The mayor talked to neighbours who said they had been to the property to complain about the noise but were basically told to get lost.

The mayor reported the situation and the police arrived soon after.

The officers attending found that there was a DJ and various pieces of professional music equipment. A bar had been set up and there were two people serving food. In addition two mobile toilets had been installed and there were people employed as security guards.

typical scene of young people at an illegal rave hooped up on goof balls, or something, except the one with a rucksack, who has brought sandwiches.

The police ordered that the party cease and the building cleared. In total there were 220 people, 28 cars and 5 motorcycles. Further people continued to arrive through the operation.

Paid Party?

Some of the partygoers said that they had paid 20 euros entry and had bought tickets at a “popular nightclub” (no name stated).

However, none of those saying they had paid for entry wanted to submit a complaint, which the Police state was in the face of “pressure and comments from other attendees”.

The party organiser is reported as telling the Officers that he was “holding a birthday party for three friends, and was not receiving any payment”.

The Police have submitted their report to the appropriate municipal department to assess whether legal proceedings should be initiated.

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