• Matutes says he’ll sue “the institutions and individuals” that vote in favour of a proposal to prevent property development of his land in Playa D’en Bossa. Matutes claims the Podemos lead initiative is unconstitutional, and an attack on him as an individual.

Words: Nick Gibbs, Photo: Diario de Ibiza. 

Matutes warns the Balearic parliament to withdraw the new law that prevents development on his land.

He claims the Podemos legislature is an attack on him as an individual and threatens “civil and criminal actions against institutions and individuals” who vote for the new law.

The Matutes group of companies have issued a letter to the Balearic parliament in which it warns that it will take legal action should an amendment to the law of rationalisation and simplification of the legal system of the Balearic Islands be approved.

The amendment was presented by Podemos and is worded to prevent urban development and change of use on lands owned by Matutes in Playa d’en Bossa.

Matutes has requested that the bill be withdrawn or at least, if approved, it will immediately proceed to include the “inexcusable indemnity forecast” (inexcusable indemnity forecast is a literal translation of the Spanish which in broad terms translates as compensation in lieu of the right to develop on the land). The high-profile businessman and owner of land including Ushuaia, Hard Rock Hotel and the Hi nightclub, and himself a past government minister, has based his request on a report undertaken by the law firm Pérez Lorca. The report concludes that this amendment would be unconstitutional but anyway must include corresponding compensation equitable to the damage of loss suffered by the owners as a result. Specifically, it states that the compensation must “correspond to the economic frustration that this new and unexpected regulatory change represents”. The report is signed by Juan Manuel Rodríguez Cárcamo, the state lawyer.

Specifically, the Matutes companies group states that the Podemos amendment is an attack on Matutes as an individual. “This amendment does seek in any case the general benefit but aims to harm a single owner” says Matutes. he refers to the press release issued by Podemos to the media which is headed “we prevent Matutes from continuing to profit from urban planning al la carte as has been allowed in the past”.