The Marina Playa

Wow! We have found some hidden gems over the years but wow! And what a difference a year makes. For the benefit of locals the Marina Playa restaurant is the rooftop terrace above the Funky Lizard. For those from further afield it is on the road that runs by the sea joining San Antonio Town to San An Bay. For tourists just pop Marina Playa Ibiza into google maps and up it pops.
Red carpets and velvet ropes always lead to good things and this is the first hint of something special that awaits you as you ascend the stairs into the nirvana that is the Marina Playa’s completely renovated rooftop terrace restaurant. The pool is surrounded by day beds, low lounge seating and dining tables with a central island bar and DJ booth. I’m not sure how often the DJ of the day plays there but here’s hoping their musical taste is always as good. His chill/reggae/pop was the perfect tempo for the late afternoon to sunset hours—hats off to some pretty clever mixing—and clue number two that Marina Playa’s recipe for success was not just about the food.

They cannot take credit for factor 3 though—that one is strictly God’s work—as you can see from the photos the elevated position gives you and unobstructed sunset view.
We went along Thursday wanting to try their new Sushi menu. The 18 piece player pictured is just 15€ – I mean less than a euro a piece with a sunset view, in a beautiful lounge with a cool DJ—I know what you’re thinking, it can’t be Ibiza, but trust me it is.

We shared the whole dinner and would recommend it as the way to go. The goat cheese salad was plenty big enough to share for at least two—delicious, the seafood spaghetti just one of many pasta dishes of which Marina Playa are justly proud, and the pizza was as artisan as we’ve ever eaten. Everything has that fresh factor that cannot be imitated.
Our tip is to go when you have some time to savour every moment of the day, the food, the drink, the music, and God putting on the best cabaret there is.
You won’t break the bank, you will leave feeling you’ve had a very special afternoon/evening/night—best to work on the basis of night—you will not be in a hurry to leave.