A selection of fresh fish caught by local fishermen of Ibiza.
It starts at the market. Mar y Tierra believe in the importance of the produce on your plate. Wherever possible they buy directly from Ibiza's fishermen, Peix Nostrum. That means it is fresher, tastier, and from proven regulated and sustainable stocks.

Those who have sampled the delights of the Mar y Tierra menu, and experienced their very personal service, will not be surprised to see their ascent in TripAdvisor’s rankings.
At time of writing Mar y Tierra hold the TripAdvisor number 1 spot for Restaurants in Santa Eulalia, number 2 for Seafood Restaurants in Ibiza, and number 7 on the complete list of restaurants in Ibiza.
We would be the last people to say TripAdvisor is the be-all and end-all in restaurants, but Mar y Tierra must be doing something special to achieve these rankings in only their second season down on the Santa Eulalia Marina waterfront.

More important than the rankings are the comments. Take a read of their reviews and you will see that time after time Simone and Elisa are mentioned by name. It is passion for their food, also reflected in their selection of the highest quality of produce, that leads to the 5-star plate they put in front of you.

Too Good To Rush

Mar y Tierra is a cosy al fresco restaurant set on Santa Eulalia Marina. It has a rustic charm and splashes of colour that break up the clean ‘sanitised’ looking Marina and you cannot miss Italian owners Simone and Elisa.

Mar y Tierra is too good to rush. The love, care and attention that they give requires time and patience. So, while there, sit back, relax and enjoy a drink or two while magic is happening in the kitchen.
We were greeted warmly when we arrived and took Chef Simone’s recommendations on the dishes we should try. The menu is varied however their specialities are gourmet burgers and fresh fish.

Rayfish with Sweet Potato Puree, a Cherry Tomato Confit and Parsley

The Rayfish is sweet and juicy, light in texture and complimented well with the silky-smooth sweet potato puree it is delicately placed on top of. The confit tomatoes add an element of acidity to the dish which cuts through and balances the overall sweetness of the main ingredients. I wouldn’t call this a ‘fishy dish’, it is subtle in flavour and a great introduction if you’re not so keen on fish.

Beef Chop Tataki

Don’t be fooled by the simple name on the menu, this tataki beef is no different to everything that comes out of Simone’s kitchen, it is prepared and cooked with love. The beef is marinated in a vacuum pack with a special ‘secret’ sauce, slow cooked at a low temperature for 3 hours before being seared and served with the almost tapenade style sauce drizzled over the meat. The meat itself is melt in the mouth tender, juicy and full of the flavour. It’s a perfect summer dish.

Butterfish Ceviche

Butterfish, also known as ‘white tuna’, is delicate and buttery in taste which lends itself perfectly to ceviche. The butterfish is marinated in fresh orange, lime, lemon and passion fruit juice, served of a bed of lettuce leaves with cherry tomatoes, mango and avocado. This is Simone’s own recipe, his signature dish and having tasted it, we couldn’t agree more. It’s summer in a bowl, happiness you can eat and will without doubt bring a smile to your face.
The fish was succulent, zingy and the passion fruit added a welcome twist to this classic. The avocado gave a creamy texture to the dish, the tomatoes a fresh note and the mango added a touch more fruitiness. We couldn’t get enough of this dish, by the far the star of the show and definitely worthy of a signature dish. Simply sublime.
This dish explains their food perfectly – fresh, zingy, clean, quirky, moreish, and fun.


Mar y Tierra offer fresh products, served allowing the flavour of the produce to shine through. And they do it with a lot of love and attention. We spoke to Simone and Elisa after our meal and their passion for what they do is clear. They appreciate nothing more than seeing people come to their restaurant willing to try raw fish or a fish they haven’t tasted before. “Through our dishes, we want you to feel that we love you” said Simone.

We left feeling very loved indeed.

  • Mar y Tierra is open every day (except Wednesday) from 1pm-11pm, they don’t have many tables which makes the dining experience more personal but does mean that booking is definitely advisable, the word is out and the restaurant often fills up quickly.