National Police have launched an investigation following an assault by an officer on an individual who then committed suicide five hours after the event was caught on video by a passer by. 

The police say that the two events are not connected and that the man has a history of suicidal behaviour. 

  • As reported in the Diario de Ibiza to whom we thank for use of the video.

Ibiza National Police Station has confirmed that it will open an investigation into the aggression of one of its officers on a man who later committed suicide. The events were caught on video by a passer by shortly after midnight in the area of Abel Matutes Boulevard, in Ibiza Town.

In the short video clip the officer is seen top strike the man two times, however it is not known whether the clip omits any further aggression during the interaction. The Officer’s strikes appear to be delivered without any physical provocation by the citizen who does not react to defend himself. Another person is seen in the video, but stated as not being involved. 

Five hours after the video was shot the man, a 30-year-old of Belgian nationality, was found hanging in the Plaza del Parque, in the center of Ibiza Town.

A police statement flatly denied any connection between the actions of their officer and the suicide. They stated the man has a history of suicide attempts. They continued to say that several agents had been called to the area following the complaint by a group of girls who said a man had approached them aggressively and displaying his penis. The police say the man reported by the girls is the same man as was assaulted by their officer and subsequently killed himself.

The police also stated that he has a restraining order in force for gender violence, and that he was involved in an altercation last Thursday at Can Misses hospital.