• Ibiza Dreams Come True For Gerald Mas Who Meets His Hero Carl Cox at Space.
  • Ultimate VIP; Carl has an area of the dancefloor right by his DJ Booth roped off for Gerald, who has cerebral palsy, and his carers.
  • Another dream comes true as Andy Wilson of Sonica Radio gives a personal studio tour.
  • Two wonderful carers say they want to give more disabled people the Ibiza experience.

Nick Gibbs gibbs@theibizan.com 27/07/16 11:30

‘Dreams Can Come True’, so Gabrielle tells us, and if Gerald Masterson’s Ibiza holiday is anything to go by, she might just be right.

We love it when a plan comes together, and for once make absolutely no apology for pulling whatever modest Ibiza strings we have available to make it happen.

posse. gerald is a frequent visitor and regular at hotel es vive
posse. gerald is a frequent ibiza visitor and regular at hotel es vive

In June we featured a UK Press article on Gerald Masterson. I had an email chat with Gerald about the story, where the U.K. press had picked up on him appealing for carers to accompany him on his annual Ibiza pilgrimage. On past visits Gerald, who has cerebral palsy which restricts him to a wheelchair and requires constant supervision to help him with all daily tasks, had received some benefit funding towards the cost of his essential travelling carers. Gerald had appealed for Ibiza travelling companions when a change in regulation left him without any state assistance towards the cost of carers.

Gerald and I had a bit of back and forth about the change in benefits for his carers and some of his past Ibiza visits. It was obvious that he is one of the real deal Ibiza faithful and so thinking we might be able to offer some help, I also asked Gerald about his forthcoming holiday – what he would like to do and where to go?

Most of us who have lived in Ibiza for any length of time will have built up something of a network of contacts where, be it through friendship, a bit of mutual backscratching, or outright blagging, we are able to get some advantages in tourist land.

Anyone showing the same year after year Ibiza loyalty as Gerald deserves our gratitude and assistance. But given the extra effort Gerald must endure every time he travels from his Glasgow home to take his holiday in Ibiza – one of the least disabled-friendly places you could imagine, and spend much of it Clubbing – one of the least disabled-friendly industries you could imagine, feels particularly worthy.

In Gerald’s reply he mentioned three specific things.

  1. He wanted to go to Carl Cox in his last year at Space
  2. That he really liked Sonica radio but had never seen the station.
  3. He wanted to go to “a bar full of lots of lovely Spanish girls”.

Gerald then put a big smile on our faces with his follow up email an hour later. “Of all the things, if I could only pick one, it would have to be the bar full of Spanish girls, LOL”

Brilliant, love his style, so set about seeing what could be done.

Sonica radio was the obvious starting point. Andy Wilson is a good friend of and to the newspaper and being a jolly decent chap to boot we were confident he would be willing to help. Andy was on board immediately. “No problem at all, happy to help,” he replied. “I know Gerald on facebook and we have messaged each other in the past.” Andy said Gerald would be welcome to a tour of their radio studio and/or go along to one of their live broadcasts as Sonica’s guest.

Andy Wilson at Space 19th July. "Back at Space to dj tonight for maybe the last time - Sunset Terrace with Future Disco for Carl Cox . Gonna miss it here"
Andy Wilson at Space 19th July. “Back at Space to dj tonight for maybe the last time – Sunset Terrace with Future Disco for Carl Cox . Gonna miss it here”

Off to a great start then, but Andy was to play a double part in Gerald’s dream-athon. On a chance meeting a week or so later I thanked Andy for his Sonica offer and we were talking about Gerald’s visit. I hadn’t yet made contact with Carl Cox via his Safehouse management company but, as luck would have it, Andy was playing at Carl Cox’s ‘Together’ night at Space the week of Gerald’s Ibiza visit.

We decided that a personal DJ to DJ request would be better than risking an email being lost in a inbox probably overflowing with everyone wanting a slice of Carl’s action in this very special last year playing at Space.  Carl always comes across as one of the good guys himself. We were confident he would be happy to say hello, but we didn’t want to raise any false hopes so couldn’t really say a great deal to Gerald. Anyway, Gerald was chuffed as nuts already with a Sonica tour lined up, and so we left it at that with him thinking nothing else was on the cards for his coming holiday.

"drum and bass? don't insult me mate" Gerald meets Carl backstage at Space.
“drum and bass? don’t insult me mate” Gerald meets Carl backstage at Space.

Come the night and Andy Wilson’s request had Carl Cox immediately keen to set something up. It seems that Gerald’s commitment as a clubber is earning him respect throughout the dance music industry as Dave Browning of Safehouse knew of Gerald via leading P.R. consultant Toni Tambourine in London and we also found out that another of the Ibiza faithful, Mickey McMonagle of the Scottish Daily Record had also been making his own contacts for Gerald. That’s a whole lot of love pointing his way.

Carl and his team were not only happy to help, but really went out of their way to make it a special night for Gerald.

Andy Wilson picks up the story, “Carl was arriving at 1am so his team arranged for him to meet Gerald backstage by the dressing rooms. Gerald and his carers hung out on the sunset terrace enjoying the music until two of the Safehouse team came and cleared a way through the crowds to get us across the club to where Carl was waiting. Carl and Gerald had a chat about the changes in Ibiza, the end of an era with space closing, and Gerald’s taste in music. He said he liked lots of different types of music but when Carl asked him about drum n bass he pulled a classic ‘yuk’ face and replied ‘ house and more house is the best’.

“Carl’s team then cleared a special area for him by the DJ booth so he could enjoy the party and the vibe along with his carers without any hassle. He was over the moon, couldn’t have been happier. Big up to Carl and Dave browning & Carlos at Safehouse.

team sonica. gerald gets the studio tour of his favourite radio station.
team sonica. gerald gets the studio tour of his favourite radio station.

“The next day Gerald came along to the Sonica studios for a personal tour. We showed him all the different parts of the operation and he met some of our djs, producers and engineers. Great to know Gerald is a regular listener and we had a chat about his favourite broadcasts.

Brilliant work Carl, Dave and Carlos, and a big hand to Andy Wilson who went out of his way to help make everything happen.

Afterwards Gerald told us that “Meeting Carl was amazing and the Sonica Tour went great.” Gerald says he is going to write a report of his holiday when he gets home, and will share it with us when he does.

So that leaves only one unfulfilled dream from Gerald’s wish list – ‘a bar full of lovely Spanish girls’. But then again perhaps Gerald got even better than he had hoped for, as he got to spend the entire holiday with his two lovely young carers. Following their facebook antics during the holiday, from marshmallow eating contests to lining up a bevvy of beauties for photos, it is clear that these are two very special and genuinely caring young ladies. Final word has to be giving Sarka Karlikova and Evija Selecka the credit they deserve for stepping forward.

hearts of gold, Gerald's carers, Sarka Karlikova and Evija Selecka
hearts of gold, Gerald’s carers, Sarka Karlikova and Evija Selecka

Sarka told us “It has been an absolute pleasure to assist Gerald, he is a great guy. We are hoping to help more people enjoy Ibiza next summer so if you know anyone who might be interested please let us know.”

Evija added, “We work as carers in England but we plan to organise more work next summer as carers here in Ibiza. We have enjoyed this experience and think more people with disabilities should come to this magical island.”

How cool  is that? What started as bad news for Gerald in a cut to his benefits has, through the good deeds of good people, been turned completely on its head to one of entirely  good news. Better still, Sarka and Evija are inspired to help more people overcome the restrictions of their disability and enjoy everything Ibiza has to offer.



To contact  Sarka and Evija please send us your email and we will forward


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