Luca Parmitano Plays First Ever DJ Set From Space to Ibiza Clubbers

Space DJ Set Makes History (that’s the other Space)

Luca Parmitano is the first ‘Space DJ’ in history

The DJ set was broadcast on Tuesday 13th August just after 11pm to around three thousand clubbers, kitted with inflatable aliens, on board the ‘Norwegian Pearl’ which is currently docked in Ibiza. The ‘space session’ lasted for around 9 minutes, which is the time it takes the International Space Station (ISS) to cross the Southern Pacific roads of the United States. A DJ booth was set up in the Columbus module of the ISS and the electronic set transmitted to the BigCityBeats Club Hotel.

The astronaut has been taking lessons from Le Shuuk who last year, performed a set in zero gravity conditions. Parmitano, who has already been to the ISS in 2013, led the activity “in his spare time,” Emmet Fletcher of the European Space Agency explained, to eliminate any possible criticism that the astronaut lost valuable work time. Fletcher went on to say, “Our goal is to bring Space closer to the general public so they can understand what the European Space Agency is doing,”.