A new campaign group aiming to provide low cost hosing in Ibiza is calling for support from the government and private sector.

The group want to provide housing using the co-operative ownership model, which they say is working successfully in many other parts of Spain.

In what sounds to us a very similar concept to the housing associations that are widespread in the UK, the co-operative would either buy, or be granted leasehold on, properties which would be offered on a fair rent.

The group say that Ibiza is in desperate need of ‘non-speculative’ housing, and that Spain’s laws allow for co-operative’s to be granted use of unoccupied and abandoned buildings, even to take over and complete unfinished building projects.

The co-operative could take over and complete abandoned building projects such as this one in Cala de Bou

The government has initiated some such schemes in Mallorca, but as it stands Ibiza has none, and so only has its very small amount of emergency housing that offers accommodation outside of the open housing market.

Find out more on their website, https://axlacooperativa.wordpress.com/