Low Cost Catalan & Spanish Lessons in Ibiza.

CEPA, Ibiza’s Adult Education Programme,  Offers Low Cost Courses in Spanish, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced PLUS Beginner’s Catalan For Parents.

Sí, Hablo Español, I Una Mica De Català.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to say “Yes I speak Spanish”, and even better “and a little Catalan”?

Don’t you envy those among us who already can?

We know it’s tough. We all have our excuses. But we will not get anywhere sitting around moaning about it. The Spanish Government are providing us with the opportunity at next to no money, so time to take the plunge.

CEPA Adult Education Service

These state run Catalan & Spanish lessons in Ibiza are ideal for Ibiza’s winter residents.

  • In Castellano Spanish there are options for absolute beginners through to those ready to take their Spanish to the next level.
  • For parents with school age children, the beginner’s Catalan is an ideal course in giving you the necessary language skills for school communication and for homework help.
  • There are also classes available in hobby and leisure pastimes such as Yoga, Photography, Oriental Dance and Pilates etc.
  • Language courses are usually around 2 hours, 2 or 3 times a week.
  • The maximum course fee is just 30€ per year, with Catalan & Spanish lessons in Ibiza  set at just 20€.

Locations ….

The adult education service is divided into 2 areas:-

CEPA Pitiuses

  • centres in Ibiza town, Santa Eularia and Formentera
  • Tel 971 305 368



CEPA San Antoni

  • centres in Sant Antoni, Sant Josep, Sant Jordi and Cala de Bou
  • Tel 971 348 595



How to Enrol

  • Enrolment for new students runs from September 12th to 25th.
  • You will need to take along a photocopy of your NIE or Passport, and 2 Passport Size Photographs.
  • For Catalan & Spanish Lessons in Ibiza there is no entry requirement though the tutor will discuss with you the most appropriate starting point. If you can’t understand what they are saying chances are it will be beginner ;-)

Enrolment Locations & Times

Centre Address Tue Wed Thur Fri
Ibiza Town Cantonada Canàries, 12 davant Mercat Nou, Tel 971305368 6.30pm to 9pm 11am to 1pm 6.30pm to 9pm  
Santa Eulalia C/Sant Llorenç 4 (mornings), IES Xarc (afternoons), Tel 971305368  6.30pm to 9pm 11am to 1pm 6.30pm to 9pm  
Formentera Avinguda Porto Saler s/n, Sant Francesc, Telf 971321069 6.30pm to 9pm 11am to 1pm 6.30pm to 9pm  
Sant Antoni C/Alacant nº 33, Telèfon: 971 348 595 11am to 1pm   6.30pm to 9pm 11am to 1pm
Sant Josep Escoles Velles Carretera Es Cubells s/n, (use San An Telephone) 11am to 1pm     11am to 1pm
Sant Jordi Oficines Municipals, C/ de la Plaça Major 9, (use San An Telephone) 11am to 1pm     11am to 1pm
Cala de Bou Centre Municipal, (near Sea View Hotel), (use San An Telephone) 11am to 1pm     11am to 1pm

Catalan & Spanish Lessons in Ibiza

Details of the beginner, intermediate and advanced Spanish for foreigners courses are given below, from which you should get a good idea of the right starting point for you.

We make no apology for the imperfect English grammar in the descriptions provided to us – who are we to judge?

Centre Spanish 1 Spanish 2 Spanish 3 Catalan 1
Ibiza Town  yes  yes  yes  yes
Santa Eulalia  yes yes yes  
Formentera  yes  yes  yes  
Sant Antoni    yes    yes
Sant Josep  yes yes    
Sant Jordi        
Cala de Bou  yes  yes  yes  

 Spanish 1

This course is aimed at people with different cultural and linguistic varieties, literate but begin to start in the Spanish language. The main objective at this level is that students can, by learning the Spanish language, orient themselves and evolve positively towards integration in the society in which they find themselves.

During the course equips students with the resources needed to develop communication in simple everyday life, to exchange basic information and can understand oral and written texts brief and basically train them so they can relate to the public and work efficiently.

Spanish 2

The recipients of this second level are people who already have a minimum language skills that allow them to express themselves in a clear enough in Spanish.

The main objective that is intended to get this course is related to students using Spanish as a tool that allows them to understand and integrate into the reality around them, by reading and participating in press various cultural and social events such as festivals, conferences, exhibitions …..

Spanish 3

This level 3, is aimed at people who already have some language skills inaccurate when expressing themselves in Spanish. That is, are students who are capable of explaining events in the past, present and future, which include global information oral texts in real communication situations such as detailed information about general topics, daily telephone conversations, ideas general and issued an oral presentation by the media.

Throughout the school year working to ensure that students are able to express themselves orally in different communicative situations, such as participation in a conversation, expression and reasoning own opinions on a topic of conversation, the narration of actions and events of the past and future senses etc.

Catalan Beginners 1

Ibiza and San An offer entry level Catalan designed for people who can already speak Spanish (ask for Catalan A2), but in 2016 Ibiza are offering Catalan 1, designed for people who wish to learn the language without any necessity to already be a Spanish speaker, and San An say they will adapt their A2 course for non Spanish speakers if there is a demand. The course is therefore ideal for any parent suddenly finding the need to assist with school homework, or anybody who just fancies the idea of taking the Catalan route instead of Castellano.