We Tourism. The Balearic PP* have responded to the growing number of turismófobia**  events and protests with their own ‘we love tourism’ campaign.

The PP accuse the Balearic Government of “encouraging and promoting turismofóbic  events”.

*PP – The Partido Popular political party are Spain’s right of centre equivalent of the Conservative Party. The PSOE are the left of centre equivalent of the Labour Party.

**Turismófobia – the term coined by the media to describe the anti-tourism sentiment and campaigns that have gained ground in Spain in recent years.

Pro-Tourism Manifesto

Leaders and representatives of the Balearic Islands’ PP joined regional party president Biel Company at a public event to express their support for and promotion of tourism in the Balearic Islands.

The event coincides with their introduction of a ‘Manifesto in favour of tourism’. Biel Company said that the PP wished to show its commitment “to the industry that puts food on all our tables, directly or indirectly, and gives us the standard of living that we enjoy in the islands”. Company went on to list those that rely upon tourism, including hoteliers, transporters, traders and farmers. “It is for these people we will work to defend the highest possible quality tourism,” he added.

The regional president said he “regretted the passivity” of the Balearic President Armengol and his government in not taking any action or making responses before the recent anti-tourism events in the islands. “We cannot tolerate attacks on tourism, yet some parties in this Government are actively encouraging and promoting these events turismofóbicas”, Company claimed.

Municipal Motions

Company announced that the PP would be presenting motions in favour of tourism in all municipalities.

Finally, the PP have called upon the National Government delegate to appear before the Balearic Parliament to “give explanations on the measures will it take to prevent acts against tourism”.