Ibiza Tourist Board Launch ‘Love Ibiza’ Sustainable Tourism Campaign

  • The Ibiza Tourist Board have used the German tourism trade fair (ITB) to launch a new campaign, entitled ‘Love Ibiza’, and designed to promote sustainable tourism. 
  • The video accompanying this article was presented to 52 journalists at the Berlin Fair today, Wednesday 7th March. 

In a statement issued from the ITB, the Ibiza delegation has confirmed a ‘positive outlook’ for the 2018 season.

The pace of sales is positive, and Ibiza “will not be affected by the recovery of the destinations in the east and south of the Mediterranean”, said the president of the Island Council and of the Department of Tourism, Vicente Torres. The President is confident that Ibiza can maintain the 320,000 German tourists recorded in 2017, apparently undeterred by recent figures issued by the Balearic statistics institute detailing that the German market had in fact decreased year on year from 2016 to 2017.

Ibiza Sustainable Tourism

Ibiza’s promotion at the ITB is focused on promoting the island as a sustainable tourist destination. The Council of Ibiza launched their new campaign “Love Ibiza”, which is is aimed at both visitors and residents. The supporting video was presented to assembled journalists. The aim is to raise awareness of the need for sustainable tourism in order to secure the future of Ibiza.

The campaign video features several well-known local personalities, Chef David Reartes, environmentalist Hazel Morgan, musician Joan Barbé and athlete Ana Ferrer.

Speaking at the launch, President Torres said, “tourism has been the key to the development of the island, we can not survive without tourism, but at the same time we must provide steps towards sustainable development.”

Vicente Torres pointed out that “residents, visitors, businesses, workers, and first of all the institutions of the island, must all come together in an understanding of the need to preserve the landscapes, coastlines, monuments and culture of the island” because “tourism in the twenty-first century is a tourism that respects and values ​​the place it visits. It is a tourism that does not degrade the destination, but instead it contributes in a positive way.”

The Ibiza stand received a visit from the President of the Government of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol, who was accompanied by the Vice President and Minister of Tourism, Bel Busquets, and the Balearic Minister of Territory and Mobility Marc Pons.

The president offered Ibiza the full support of the Government in the promotion of activities on the island and, in particular, the model of Ibiza sustainable tourism.

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