Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez - File Photo

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has confirmed that the government will extend the state of alarm until April 26.

The extension comes after Sánchez talked with opposition leaders, and held a meeting with the Committee for the Technical Management of Covid-19 and various other scientific experts.

Although the number of coronavirus cases has been levelling out, the message from the  health authorities was clear; that the situation could worsen if the lockdown regulations were eased.

To ratify the extension  Sánchez needs the approval of Spain’s Congress of Deputies (think House of Commons). The current coalition government led by the PSOE and Unidas Podemos, does not have an automatic working majority. They will need votes from other parties. El Pais’ English edition reported on the political situation in so far as the extension being approved is concerned.

“On Saturday, the Spanish prime minister spoke with Pablo Casado, the leader of the conservative Popular Party (PP), to ask for his party’s support. Sánchez’s decision last week to tighten the coronavirus lockdown to include all non-essential workers angered Casado, as well as regional leaders who complained that they were not consulted beforehand. Casado accused the Socialist leader of “improvising” and said his way of dealing with the coronavirus crisis was an “explosive cocktail of arrogance, incompetence and lies.”

Sánchez may believe that the PP will support the extension of the state of the alarm to April 26th, however there is more speculation as to whether the PP will support the economic measures introduced by Spain’s coalition government.