Living & Working in Ibiza

      Everything relating to living and working in Ibiza.

      Guidance and information on starting a business, and features on businesses already established on Ibiza.

      Health, education and welfare services.

      Procedures, guides and regulations.

      Charity and community information.

      Buying and renting property.

      Learning Spanish & Catalan, and Other Training & Education Resources.

      And much more

      Official Government Brexit Action Checklist for UK Nationals Living in Spain

      What you need to do before Brexit - updated with 'no-deal' information. Includes links to step by step guides and all of the Ibiza Town Halls

      Ibizans Live Longer; Discover your Risk of Death and Life Expectancy

      Ibizans Live longer! Discover your Ibiza Life Expectancy and Ibiza Risk of Death. Compare vs Spanish and British, Men vs Women, and Over Time

      Spain’s Second Most Expensive Home is in San José (Idealista)

      At 40 million euros it has 10 rooms distributed through 4 buildings, professional tennis and squash courts and a ‘disco area’.

      Vara de Rey 22, English Speaking Ibiza Dentists & Facial Aesthetics

      We are pleased to introduce Vara de Rey 22, English Speaking Ibiza Dentists & Facial Aesthetics Practitioners.

      An Englishman, an Irishman, and an Englishman Pretending to be an Irishman, Walked into...

      The surge in applications for Irish passports by British citizens continues with 2019 on course to smash all previous records.

      How to Obtain Spanish Citizenship Through Naturalisation

      Considering Spanish Citizenship? Not everything is as clear as it could be, but if you've lived in Spain a while, you'll expect that anyway.

      Spanish Mortgage Law in Practice; What is Changing?

      Bettina Lorenz takes us through the new Spanish Mortgage Law step by step.

      Ibiza Pharmacies. Out of Hours Ibiza Chemists and Online Help

      Where to find the Balearic Pharmacy website, and how to find out which out of hours chemists are open in your area.

      Water Sports Ban in 3 of Santa Eulalia’s Beaches

      Motorised water sports will be prohibited on the beaches of S’Argamassa, es Canar and sa Boca des Riu due to the protection of birds.

      Ibiza Elections 2019 Round-Up & Some Odd Ballot Box Blunders in Ibiza Town

      Introduction by Nick Gibbs “San Antonio businessman and town advocate Martin Makepeace has put in huge efforts to encourage voter registration and political participation from...

      Beginner’s Guide To The Spanish Political & Administrative Structure

      From National Government to the Municipalities, a tier by tier explanation of the Spanish political and adminidtrative structure.

      All New Ibiza Pirate Police to Tackle Illegal Boats & Charters

      The new Police unit will use various means to detect pirate operators, including the monitoring of advertising and social media.

      Travel Goliath encourage Ibiza homeowners to break the renting laws.

      Holiday booking company have come under fire for enticing Ibiza homeowners to act illegally and register their homes for tourist rental.

      Information for UK nationals on voting in the European Parliament elections

      One more time? UK nationals living in Spain, who have been UK voters in the past 15 years, can still vote in the May European elections.

      Can Nebot Nursery School Registration Is Open

      The Can Nebot nursery school for children aged 0-3 years in Sant Josep has now opened its registration period until the 13th May.

      Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Ibiza Stop Plastic Campaign Calls for Public Support

      Members of the public are invited to upload photos or videos of any activity that fulfills one of the three Rs, Reduce, Reuse and Recycling.

      Easter View From The Pew, with Ibiza Church Services in English.

      Details of Easter Ibiza Church Services in English and an Easter view from the pew from Reverend Michael Savage.

      Brexit Update 14/04; An open letter from HM Ambassador Simon Manley to British citizens...

      Latest Brexit Update for British Citizens in Spain, and for those fed up hearing about it, a photograph of a Cute Kitten. Ahhhh.

      Spanish LAU Rental Law Changes April 2019

      Spanish LAU Rental Law Changes 2019. Some long term tenancies, currently of 3 years duration, will increase to 7 years, others to 5 years.

      ‘Peix Nostrum’, Ibiza Lobster & Fish get Authenticity Guarantee

      Ibiza Lobster & Fish get Authenticity Guarantee. Consumers can check when it was caught, the fishing boat, the area it was caught in etc.


      Advertising Media Pack & Rate Card

      This flip-book is best viewed on laptop/desktop.  If using a mobile device we recommend downloading a local copy copy of the pdf (via the bottom...

      2019 Ibiza Advertising & Promotion Packages

      Our 2019 summer season advertising plans offer better value and greater reach than ever before.

      ‘Todo el Año’, Special Advertising Promotion for All Year Business

      A full year print & digital advertising campaign bundle.  Targeting Ibiza residents, businesses & visitors. The bundled price represents a saving of 1706€ on the total...
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