Lidl Ditches Plastic

Biodegradable and bio compostable fruit and veg bags will be used throughout the Balearics, the first move of its kind among the big supermarket chains.

Conventional plastic bags have been eliminated from LIDL supermarkets in the Balearics, the new bags are biodegradable and bio compostable with the “OK compost home” seal, guaranteeing biodegradability in domestic compost.

2 Million Euro Cost

The new bags cost 4 times more than their ‘single use’ counterparts representing a cost to the company of over 2million euros per year. The ‘bio’ bags take up to a year to decompose whereas their single use counterparts can take up to 500 years to disintegrate.

The removal of plastic bags within their stores and replacing the fruit and veg bags with an environmentally friendly one is part of a global LIDL strategy for the management and sustainable use of plastics. Part of the strategy is to reduce plastic use by at least 20% before 2025 and guarantee their packaging as 100% recyclable.

The supermarket chain is exceeding the commitments set by the employers of the sector, which focuses on reducing plastic by 21% in fresh products that are packed in stores by 2021.

Lidl Plastics Commitments

  • A global commitment to reduce use of all plastics by 20% before 2025.
  • In 2019 Lidl will eliminate all single-use plastic items from its stores and is committed to ensuring that all plastic containers of proprietary products are 100% recyclable by 2025
  • Lidl has stopped the sale of plastic carrier bags totally at all of its 550 Spanish stores. In 2019 this will equate to 100 million fewer plastic bags being produced.