Providing you register your intention to change your driving licence from UK to Spanish by the 31st October, you will have 9 months to complete the process.

From 1st November NO NEW APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. This does not mean you definitely cannot continue to drive in Spain on a UK licence, but it does mean there is no guarantee you can, and there are warnings of it being likely that there will be a period during which UK licences will not be valid in Spain while any new arrangements are negotiated.

Faced with an inevitable surge in demand to change UK driving licences to Spanish, and many UK citizens reporting they are unable to make appointments in time for the Brexit deadline, the Spanish government have confirmed that they will GUARANTEE a Spanish licence to everybody who submits their registration to change by the end of October. 

The authorities have said that if Brexit goes ahead drivers with British licences will be permitted to use them during the 9 month grace period. If Brexit does not go ahead those who have submitted an application will have the option to withdraw it and retain their UK licence, (though in this situation drivers should be aware that there are already regulations in place that state permanent residents should obtain Spanish licences, Brexit or no Brexit). 

How you complete this first stage of the process depends on whether you speak Spanish, or have an electronic certificate to access the online procedure. 

  1. By telephone: Call 060 to talk through the first stages of the application to change. The calls are conducted in Spanish only. The information we have indicates that it must be the driver themself making the call, but it doesn’t state it expressly.
  2. Online: You will need your electronic certificate or Cl@ve access details. If you haven’t already got these the timescale would be touch and go as your identity has to be confirmed in person and appointments currently have a week or more waiting time. If you have got an electronic sign in, start here
  3. By application form in person: The final option is to download the application form, complete it, and take it along to the trafico office. You do not need an appointment to submit the application. We have added the form at the end of this article. 

For more details on options, requirements etc go to the main information page here DGT UK Licence to Spanish Licence

Download the Application