Las Mimosas ~ Review

“The recently refurbished Las Mimosas truly is a secret hideaway in Cala de Bou. Set just a few metres behind the main road to Port Des Torrent, yet in a setting so tranquil you could be in the middle of Santa Agnes. The 4* boutique hotel boasts 10 spacious junior suites and 7 larger suites, a spa, gym, pool & bar, plus the attached Mimos restaurant.

  • Text Rhian King, Photos Nick Gibbs

There has been much discussion of Ibiza’s metamorphic changes recently, not all of it positive. There can be little doubt that Las Mimosas, a 50 bed boutique hotel and its attached Mimos restaurant, is an example of that change.

Last year it was a nondescript budget hotel. The kind of place that if it were not for the kids clutching smartphones, you would find it hard to tell which of the last 4 decades you were currently in. So is change good or bad? We went along to find out.

Las Mimosas Hotel

Hotel manager Nore gave us a tour of the accommodation and facilities. Las Mimosas is an all suite hotel, 10 junior suites and 7 suites.

The suites all have a sea view, and junior suites all have a spacious terrace or balcony. The design is contemporary cool, but it is the details and personalisation that sets Las Mimosas apart from its corporate chain hotel counterparts.


What price luxury? Well I was surprised when looking online today that for the last week of June the junior suites came in at only 171€ per night, the suites at 225€. That sounds a very fair price for the quality of accommodation, but add to that it includes breakfast and Las Mimosas current promotions of a free Spa Day, and free car hire, and it starts to sound something of a bargain.

To put it in some kind of context, a twin room only at Ushuaia for the same week was almost exactly double the price—we all have our own ideas of luxury, but I know where I would rather stay.


Whilst taking our tour we bumped into Lucy Dyer, the Mambo group wedding planner. Lucy was showing the hotel to a young couple and later told us Las Mimosas is already proving a popular choice for those wanting to hold their wedding in Ibiza. “The 50 bed size and all suite design is perfect for a wedding party takeover”, she said. “Our clients want a venue that is quiet and private, but not isolated. It has a real family feel, but with the level of quality and comfort that people want for their celebration.”

I have little doubt Las Mimosas will become a very popular wedding venue.

Spa & Gym

Next on the tour was the intimate and very stylish spa and private gym with adjoining treatment rooms. There is a separate public entrance and all facilities are available to the public independent of the hotel itself.

Mimos Restaurant

Nore left us in the very capable hands of our waitress Astrid, who it soon transpired had a talent for Cocktails too. It was a hot day and having asked for what seemed the perfect summer cooler of a white wine spritzer, Astrid asked if we would like to try her own Spritz creation, a most refreshing Cava based cocktail with limoncello, white rum, lemon juice and a little strawberry syrup. We also had another delicious drink combining  limoncello, vanilla syrup, an egg white, lemon juice and Rioja—both looked as good as they tasted, something that would carry through from the drinks to the food.

Homemade Focaccia

This was a firm favourite with the small one in our group, enjoying piece after piece of this Italian homemade bread dotted with sundried tomatoes. Served with a selection of premium oils and wine vinegars.

Burratina with Pomegranate, Pine Nuts, Mint Pesto and Avocado

Burratina is a type of mozzarella with a creamier centre, the mint pesto was drizzled on top and when you cut through the centre, the velvety middle oozed out. The avocado is perfectly ripe and soft, the pine nuts add bite and a slight creamy nuttiness to the salad, then you get the zingy crunch of the pomegranate seeds – this is a dish with popping flavours.

Pulpo Carpaccio & Kalamata Olive Vinaigrette

The octopus carpaccio is served on a large board with celery, red pepper, rocket and parmesan shavings. The key to this dish is to get a forkful with every ingredient on it or mix and match. Each ingredient when added to the octopus gave a different taste sensation, the pepperiness of the rocket, the cool crunch of the celery or smooth creamy parmesan – all worked effortlessly together. As seasoning is a personal thing, Chef leaves that to you.

Lentil Tabbouleh

(main photo facing page) This salad is a mountain of green lentils, finely chopped red and green peppers, cucumber, avocado, cherry tomatoes and beetroot with a sprinkling of micro herbs and leaves. Fresh, the best way to describe this dish is simply fresh. The ingredients complement each other effortlessly and the portion size is generous to say the least, unless you’re a real lentil lover, this may be a salad to share as a side.

Fillet Steak

Merely described as fillet steak on the menu, this dish is a crowd pleaser. The steak is cooked to your liking (of course) and placed on a bed of potato ‘crisps’ and fried spinach, served with roasted courgettes and red pepper, sweet potatoes and whole roasted garlic cloves. The steak itself was melt in the mouth and seasoned perfectly, the fried spinach delicious and the potato ‘crisps’ innovative and very moreish.


After the feast of starters and mains we had tasted, we thought we would be fairly reserved on ordering desserts, but on hearing the specials, resistance was futile.

Goloso de Chocolate

A chocolate lovers dream. Chocolate cake with a dulce de leche cream and stracciatella ice cream. This was served first and devoured without two of us even getting a taste. Their review was “brilliant, super cold and very chocolatey”. I guess if you like chocolate and sweet desserts, that’s all you need to know!

Cheesecake with Mandarin Sorbet

The cheesecake is dainty compared to the starters and mains we had enjoyed, but don’t let appearances deceive you because it was perfectly balanced and gorgeous. The dense creaminess of the cheesecake is brought to life by the fresh zesty mandarin sorbet, our forks kept going back for more.

Apple pie—Las Mimosas Way

It’s hard not to use the term deconstructed, because in effect that is what it is, but with a twist. The apple pie base is crumbled on a plate and topped with apple pie ice cream. The best way to describe the apple pie ice cream – it’s exactly what it says it is – apple pie. A rich and decadent dessert suited for those with a sweet tooth.


So is change good? Well one of the most common complaints of change in Ibiza has been where that change excludes people outside the VIP set. Las Mimosas doesn’t do that at all. It offers a taste of luxury at an attainable price. The various plates in our meal started at just 7,50€, the Lentil Tabbouleh looks a million dollars, but is just 12€. Even the Fillet Steak is a ‘normal’ 25€ – but for residents the news is even better as you all enjoy a 10% discount.

Las Mimosas does not exclude us, it offers us something better than it was before. It is a great addition to Cala de Bou and should be seen for what it is, a forerunner of what the Bay must become.

The only downside is that it will not be a secret hideaway for long.