Kylie at Ushuaïa

Claire BKylie_claireb_250814_yo-076-Rüt-Huyzentruyt

OK, I’ll admit it, I’m a fan of pop princess Kylie, and was delighted when she was added to the summer season of live music put on by The Hard Rock Hotel. Held at Ushuaïa rather than the hotel as the venue has a larger capacity, she was billed as making a ‘special appearance’, so it was clearly not going to be a full-scale, all-singing, all-dancing Kylie show. Also on the bill were DJs Pete Tong, Heidi, Manuel de Diego, and Brian Cross, but I was only there to see Kylie. Arriving at the venue just before 10pm, it was absolutely packed, with everyone waiting excitedly for her arrival.

She appeared onstage just after 10pm flanked by her two female backing singers and three female dancers who were sporting dramatic, black, feather headdresses. Kylie looked resplendent, wearing a skimpy black and white number and thigh-high black boots, topped off with a feathered headdress. Starting off with hit single ‘Spinning Around’, the girls were quickly joined onstage by a couple of male dancers and it was obvious from their choreographed routines that we were going to be in for a good show. Next up was ‘Out Of The Blue’ from her last album ‘Kiss Me Once’ followed by another crowd-pleaser, ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’, which was accompanied by stunning visuals behind her on the stage.


Kylie then went offstage whilst the video for ‘Skirt’ was played and the dancers kept the crowd entertained. She reappeared for ‘Sexercise’ having changed into a sexy little silver fringed number, whilst the female dancers cavorted around the stage with gym balls and the show become somewhat more raunchy. Next up was ‘Love At First Sight’ and the set was rounded off with ‘All The Lovers’, for which the dancers had red, lip-shaped balloons. As the last bars rang out around the venue the customary confetti and gold metallic streamers were launched from the stage onto the crowd, to loud cheers and screams. Before leaving the stage she said, “thank you so much, you filled me with happiness and love, this is truly incredible, thank you, thank you, thank you, goodnight” to even more screams. The dancers threw their balloons into the crowd and left. Looking at the end of the show on a video taken by a friend the next day, she seemed genuinely moved by the crowd’s reaction.

Kylie_claireb_250814_yo-095-Rüt-HuyzentruytIt wasn’t a Kylie concert, but it was a slick, well-choreographed, albeit short personal appearance, with some live singing over the top of a backing track. And the backdrop projections to accompany each song were stunning. Ushuaïa may have a larger capacity than The Hard Rock Hotel but it’s a terrible venue to see a live performance in, because unless you can get in the space between the stage and the swimming pool, it’s really difficult to find a place to be able to see the stage from, especially if the performer is small, like Kylie.

Fortunately my photographer managed to charm her way to the front of the stage and got some great shots of the great visual show that many people complained about not being able to see very well.