Ibiza Review: Kumharas Thursdays, Street Food & Live Music

  • by Rhian King

Kumharas is cosmopolitan, it is a step away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and a fantastic place to watch the sun set over the Mediterranean Sea.

There are always familiar faces when you visit and lots of new faces too.

Kumharas popularity continues to soar. Whether you’re dining in the restaurant, sipping cocktails on the seafront, listening to Paco Fernandez play, or milling through the small hippy market, there is an indescribable relaxation in the atmosphere.

At Kumharas, it is simply you, the view, and great entertainment with a drink in your hand.

Kumharas Street Food Trucks & Live Music


And now, Kumharas brings you street food trucks every Thursday. Yes there are real trucks, at least one, plus various forms of pop-up kitchens and grills, and between them providing a great range of tasty morsels from around the globe.

The restaurant closes and these feisty street food vendors prepare and cook your food in front of you. There is something for everyone from Vegan Pad Thai, juicy Burgers, succulent Hot Dogs, Kumharas Curry, and pizzas from the effervescent Manolo at Pizza Entertainment (we highly recommend being around when he starts his pizza acrobatics!).

The street food vending and sunset live music combination is a winner. You’re able to grab a bite to eat and return to your seat to enjoy the views, your surroundings and good music.

The evening begins at 6pm until midnight and I can guarantee you’ll be going back to sample all the different culinary street food delights.

A tip for Thursday’s – if you’re hungry, don’t wait until the sun has set to get your food, the queues build quickly just after sundown.

Yoga Mornings

Monday to Friday plus Yoga Ibiza Saturday and Indian Sundays

Kumharas has many strings to its ever-evolving bow and they have daily yoga in the mornings with Yoga Mornings – Monday to Friday at 10:15am, SOS Yoga Ibiza – Saturday mornings at 10am with donations going to aid refugees and back again for another summer – Kumharas Indian Sundays from 10am-1pm.

Paco Fernandez


Paco Fernandez and his band continue to draw crowds on Tuesday nights playing his renowned Balearic Flamenco Fusion, ‘feel the islands true essence’.

In the evenings (except Thursday) you can enjoy a rich and varied menu with unique dishes that are renewed each year. With explosions of flavour that invite you to explore other cultures without leaving this unique and special location in Ibiza, and the possibility to accompany them with a good selection of Spanish wines.

Awesome Sunsets

Every Day

Well of course we can’t promise that, but we can say that if you’ll get a good sunset anywhere, you’ll get it at Kunharas.

Kumharas Top Tips

Here are our top tips for the ultimate Kumharas experience

  • If you want a prime sunset spot in high season, to be guaranteed a prime spot, you’ll need to be looking at least two hours before sunset. But you know what, Kumharas isn’t really the sort of place you should be getting hung up about prime spots. If it is important to you, do it, but I’d just take my chances and make it a pleasure rather than an itinerary.
  • Whatever your timescale, do not attempt to park there. Theoretically you can park adjacent, but it is carnage every night and
  • The front-line seats are for drinks, the restaurant is at the rear. So do not book a meal for sunset hour if you want to see it. Most people eat before or after sunset. (Except Thursdays)

Finally, the waiters will be busy. Very busy. You may be sitting there, getting stressed as many of us British do, thinking you have been ignored, but most people are drinking cocktails and it takes as long as it takes. Hopefully they will acknowledge you and then you can relax knowing your turn will come—but if you want something fast and wet—go get it from the bar. Then relax.