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The Kooks @ Ibiza Rocks

Claire B

The-Kooks_150914_claireb3-Living-PhotographyThe penultimate Ibiza Rocks gig of the season saw The Kooks playing with support from Teleman.

The-Kooks_150914_claireb4-Living-PhotographyThe venue filled up early, so by the time Teleman took to the stage in the already dark venue at 9.20, there was a big crowd to watch them. Wearing co-ordinated shirts, the four-piece band from London entertained the crowd with songs from their first album released in May this year, ‘Breakfast’. I know it’s not fair to compare bands musically to others, but they were reminiscent to me of ALT-J and weren’t really my cup of tea. However, they were well-received by the assembled crowd who enjoyed their performance.

The Kooks are no strangers to Ibiza Rocks – this was their third appearance. They appeared on the stage to screams and soon had everyone dancing, waving their arms in the air and singing along.The-Kooks_150914_claireb5-Living-Photography

They put on an excellent show, switching the pace from slower numbers played by singer Luke on an acoustic guitar to faster paced songs played on electric guitar. Luke is a great and engaging front-man, commanding the stage with bags of energy and presence, whether he was playing the guitar or roaming the stage with the mic. They ended with ‘Do You Wanna’ accompanied by a frenzy of strobe lights. But a few minutes later they were back for an encore, and the venue erupted. They looked great and they sounded great and the audience loved them.

The heat this September has been relentless and last Wednesday night seemed hotter than ever, with high levels of humidity and no breeze whatsoever, which only added to the atmosphere of the gig – you were in a hot, sweaty, packed venue, which was perfectly fitting for the electric performance coming from the stage.The-Kooks_150914_claireb1-Living-Photography

At the end, five happy band members left the stage to a venue full of happy punters who had witnessed another great gig at Ibiza Rocks. With one more to go this summer, it’s been a great year, and this will be remembered as one of the best, against some very stiff competition.

Videos of The Kooks:


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